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The Chinese Horizontal orbital wrapping machine and wrapper:


In 2005, the Chinese enterprises import and export in monthly trade surplus, the structure of import and export trade will improve soon

On May 18, 2005, the third member of China orbital wrapping device machinery industry association congress was held in Beijing. Association, the third session of the council elected during the meeting, the governing body of the old and new alternate will undoubtedly promote the take off of China orbital wrapping machinery industry, at the same time, also constructed the new starting point of the engineering machinery overseas strategy.

In 2005, the Chinese orbital wrapping machinery products, rapid import and export trade gap narrowed, appear even monthly trade surplus, with Angola exported as "star", engineering machinery import and export trade is a turning point. And at the same time, the "made in China" corporate image also successfully into the overseas market.

In 2006, the laws and regulations of industry development foundation

2006 is the national economy of the "11th five-year" plan, the orbital wrapping machinery industry "11th five-year" plan have formal rules, industry enterprises will be in the slow rise and adjustment stage, constantly enhance the level of technology and develop new products, improve the quality of after-sales service. In June the same year, the state council about accelerate the development of the several opinions of the equipment manufacturing industry, to speed up independent innovation, industrial upgrading, to provide more advanced equipment to promote national economy to a strategic level, it also pointed out the direction for China orbital wrapping machinery manufacturers. And then call on the good faith management, fair competition, independent innovation of China orbital wrapping machinery industry self-discipline, harmonious, healthy and sustainable development to promote the industry to provide the safeguard.

As the three powerful policy releasing, the 2006 as of the first year of engineering machinery twist. In the national macroeconomic regulation and control and the policy to the good situation, the domestic market to break the limitation of slow growth, production and sales to return to the highway, the market hot unexpectedly. Among them, as the country vigorously investment in railway orbital wrapping, the rotating drill, excavators, loaders, concrete machinery, cranes and joint machine and other equipment demand, companies also targeted to develop the relevant supporting products, to promote the market share of ascension.

In 2006, the Chinese independent brand of hydraulic excavator market share, the leading enterprises in the market share is up to more than 20%, which means that local brands have broke the monopoly of foreign brand. In respect of the crane, crawler crane the tonnage of rising, this warning of optimism in the market at the same time, also want to avoid the disadvantages brought by the blind pursuit of bigness.

2007, strong market hit a peak

Dual drive by domestic and international market demand, China orbital wrapping machinery market growth of more than 2007 - year history best period, hit a record high. The industry in 2007 sales revenue of 222.3 billion yuan, up 37% from 2006, the total profit of RMB 17.5 billion yuan, increased by 48%. But as China's largest orbital wrapping machinery research and development manufacture and export enterprises, the xugong group, a breakthrough in operating income of 30 billion yuan, industry sales revenue reached 23 billion yuan.

Brilliant behind there is a need to improve the weakness of the same. Local core parts lag seriously restrict the development of the industry, pump, motor, valve core and reducer fittings over-reliance on imports, import core parts coordination &liaision instead cannot guarantee, and the price is high; Plus the pre-sale post-sale service does not reach the designated position, restricting the development of domestic orbital wrapping machinery industry. These conditions worse, has caused great concern in the industry, a long nationwide discussions have begun.
In 2008, the engineering machinery enterprises to actively cope with the financial crisis, wenchuan earthquake and other natural disasters

In early 2008 to a snow disaster and "5.12" wenchuan earthquake is the litmus test of China's nature. After the disaster, the orbital wrapping machinery industry in the first place to the disaster area to lend a helping hand. According to incomplete statistics, in the "5.12" wenchuan earthquake in the earthquake relief, engineering machinery enterprise cash donations and more than 280 million yuan, in relief with engineering machinery equipment worth more than $300 million. For always considered only play a role in the orbital wrapping of engineering machinery, in the rescue and relief also make society had brand-new cognition and identification.

At the same time, China orbital wrapping machinery market in 2008 in the first half of the high speed growth, affected by the global financial crisis, the second half of the market down across, but annual growth is still more than 20% to resist the negative impact of the global financial crisis on our country's economy, in November 2008, the state council introduced ten measures to expand domestic demand to promote growth. A total investment of 4 trillion yuan investment plan for China's orbital wrapping machinery market a huge boost.