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Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

Zhaoyuan city, shandong province, winter spring irrigation and water conservancy infrastructure planning a total investment of 156.1 million yuan. Iis planning to build all kinds of water conservancy project 530 items, including: governance river article 15, 15 km length; The new rural reconstruction the tap water engineering 86 villages, 50400 people; Develop water-saving irrigation area of 50800 mu, of which: fed 43500 mu, of micro-irrigation 00800 mu, 34.8 kilometers, 06500 mu in the canal seepage control; Can display \"construction\" drought can sprinkle, waterlogging high standard farmland construction area of 44000 mu; Expand improve irrigate 69900 mu of land. Zhaoyuan city water department cling to the \"golden period\" of current water conservancy project construction, to promote the winter and spring irrigation and water conservancy capital construction.

Raise awareness, strengthen the leadership. The rural water conservancy construction to the height of the overall situation, strategic awareness, an important agenda on rural work, implements four unification for water conservancy construction namely unified leadership, unified quality standard, unified organization acceptance inspection, unified examination. Implement the responsibility system for leading cadres package of key projects, the responsibility to implement, a clear division of responsibilities, to ensure the progress of project construction and effect.

The implementation of the policy, increasing investment. To further implement the national, provincial, city water conservancy investment policies, to ensure that the water conservancy construction fund of fully in place. Actively explore new situation of the input mechanism, absorbing funds, in accordance with the \"who invests, construction, who benefits\" principle, to encourage collective, units and individuals that HuBan, LianHuBan and joint-stock cooperative variety of forms such as the construction of water conservancy projects.

To carry out the responsibility, the strict rewards and punishment. As the rural water conservancy construction key municipal party committee, municipal government annual work, examination measures and rural water conservancy construction task completion will as towns (streets, area) the main content of the assessment of water conservancy reform and development, strict cash rewards and punishments, enhance the sense of urgency and the sense of responsibility at all levels to pay special attention to the rural water conservancy work.

To strengthen supervision, to ensure quality. Due to engineering construction process, positive, tendering and bidding system, construction supervision and contract management system, according to the program has the corresponding qualification, supervision of construction units, supervision and construction earnestly, strictly the quality standard. The municipal water department organization in-depth field engineering professional and technical personnel, to strengthen technical guidance and quality supervision, to ensure high standards of engineering construction, the high quality.

Careful organization, concentrated battle. To implement key projects of capital, labor, machinery, etc., early launch, early preparation, early to start work. We will pays special attention to the favorable opportunity of current water conservancy project construction focus battle, promoting the rapid advance of rural water conservancy construction.