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The Chinese Horizontal wrapping machine and wrapper:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


It is predicted that in the fourth quarter of this year, China's economic growth will slow, steady in the fourth quarter and full-year GDP growth at around 7.6%, recovery in this situation, engineering mechanical recovery will also be adjusted along with the development of China's economic institutions, right, return to rationality.

Investments this year, due to countries not as explosive as usual "four trillion" to recover, but at the macroeconomic reasonably adjusting range, the country's overall investment than "four trillion", for a period of time, the economy picks up more reasonable. As the investment industry, Horizontal stretch wrapper industry in this economic situation, will present a weak recovery in the near future. In the long run, Horizontal stretch wrapper will be hard to recreate similar to the explosive growth of the "golden decade", but to reason.

Even though recovery now Horizontal stretch wrapper industry, but the development in the industry tend to be rational, have to say it's a good thing, this review "four trillion" period of rapid growth, on the surface, is the Horizontal stretch wrapper industry companies earn "rich", but from a practical view, "four trillion" investment also let industry drawbacks highlight, after out of the high speed growth, engineering machinery industry downturn, until now still have not recovered from industry, the second half of the return of rationality in engineering machinery is not necessarily can drive the industry completely recovery, but also is not standing still.