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The Chinese Horizontal orbital wrapping machine and wrapper:


1. Introduction This handbook tells the operator and maintenance staff the way to properly operate and install the machine. The purpose of the handbook is to make certain that the operator and maintenance staff have complete recommendations. 1. Intro 2. Specs 3. Options 4. Safety 5. Installment 6. Owner Instructions 7. Servicing 8. Problem solving 9. Appendix 10. Parts List and Sketches The Specifications and Options sections have details about unique choices. This is important as
you install and operate the machine.
The Protection section points out the Safety measures, Cautions, and Notes and makes sure that all
workers work in a good setting.
Cellular Phone and User Directions parts tell you the way to mount and employ the machine
safely and efficiently.
The Constant Maintenance along with the Trouble shooting inform you how to make sure that the machine remains at
best overall performance.
The Appendix area may incorporate the CE Proclamation of Conformity, Glossary and Warranty
The Parts Checklist and Drawings sections have information on parts.
This guidebook can help you run your machine safely and efficiently. The significance is usually to improve your
productivity and decrease packaging fees.