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The EPS board  Horizontal stretch wrapping machine:




 Bosch horizontal wrapper implement technological innovation to achieve bundle quality and operation efficiency. Even our low-end movement wrapper characteristics full servo modern technology for accurate operation and fast changeover. Bosch wrappers, auto infeeds, and software characteristics help you save labor and increase wrapper unit up-time. Equipment ClassExplanation Regular horizontal Wrappers . Flexible wrappers addressing a variety of applications and speeds. Inverted WrappersManage delicate pliable merchandise and multipack products On-Benefit Merchandise Wrappers On-side/length slug wrapping, for products for example cupcakes, crackers, donuts Extended Dwell Wrappers Hermetic sealing for modified atmosphere packaging (Chart) Reduce/Poly Film Wrappers High quality pores and skin small packing for reduce in size or over wrapping Product Serving Semi and entirely automatic feeding and product or service handling options Products Bag Sealers & Closers Side to side Circulation Wrappers Automatic Packaging Cartoning Vertical develop complete seal Element Machine Models Normal Wrappers Inverted Wrappers On-Advantage Product Wrappers Long Dwell Wrappers Shrink/Poly Movie Wrappers Item Feeding / Product Distribution

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