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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:



Intelligent product packaging of granule, liquid and powder in established pouch for that pharmaceutical, chemical, other and food businesses.

Standard Features:

1. The appliance can instantly comprehensive these products feeding, measuring and conveyingfeeding, bag and filling developing, particular date program code publishing, bag securing and slicing.

2. Servo-electric motor pushed, dual buckle bag pulling program.

3. Higher delicate fibers optic photo sensing unit can immediately find colour mark accurately.

4. PLC handle process coupled with touch screen, can certainly establish may change the loading parameters. Day-to-day creation self and output-diagnostic machine fault might be viewed from the display.

5. PID temperature control watches temperature securing temperatures inside of ?à1??C.

6. Intelligent side placement handle ensures consistent motion picture alignment in the course of creation to generate consistent traveling bag quality.

7. Determined electrical and pneumatic components from reliable overseas maker.

8. With CE Certification

Optionally available Parts for Principal Equipment:

1. Gusset Pouch forming System

2. Date Program code Printer

3. Sachet header Opening Puncher

4. Repair Amount Cut

5. Stainless Steel Equipment Out Case

Optionally available Satisfying Gadget:

1. Auger Attach Filler for Natural powder (Gourmet coffee powder, whole milk natural powder, sweets natural powder, fine grain, flour, sound refreshment, spice, etc.)

2. Multiple-brain weigher for granule (tomato biscuit, candy, chip and chocolate maintained fruits, melon seed, nutlet, jelly and peanut etc.)

3. Linear Weigher for Granule (coffee, seeds, condiment, rice, salt, sugar and sesame soap powder, etc.)

4. Rotary Equipment Pump for Water (mayonnaise, cream, mustard, ketchup and sauce cosmetics products, and so forth.)

5. Piston Push for Fluid (ketchup, cream, conditioner, shampoo and liquid and so on.)



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