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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


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When buying coil packing machine, we often are used to pay attention to the shelf life of coil packing machine, with good quality is guarantee the safety of food, not beyond the shelf life of food safe to eat. However, with the improvement of living standards, we begin to pay close attention to what you eat food is fresh, and the concept of "fresh" arises at the historic moment. "Fresh" refers to the food on the basis of security, can also in terms of nutrition, color, texture and flavour can be guaranteed, more than quality on a class. 1, fruit and vegetable fresh fruits and vegetables is the strongest seasonal, demand bigger crops. Many literatures, points out that improper preservation after harvesting is a major cause of loss of fruits and vegetables, but now fade is seasonal fruits and vegetables is closely related with the widespread use of technology for fruits and vegetables. A lot of fruit and vegetable storage methods, the method now commonly used fresh or quality chemical preservation, frozen preservation, vacuum high-temperature sterilization quality, vacuum filling nitrogen preservation, composite modified atmosphere and natural biological preservation. 2, theory of fresh fruits and vegetables storage, there are two main influence factors in the process of aerobe and oxidation reaction, both need to O2. Therefore, to extend the shelf life or maintain the quality of fruits and vegetables, will need to lower the O2 content in environment. When packing fresh fruits and vegetables, however, O2 is indispensable, because fruits and vegetables after harvest must undertake respiration (e.g., consumption of O2 and CO2 emissions), and if the lack of O2 will be anaerobic respiration, this will accelerate the deterioration of fruits and vegetables. Through to the storage environment conditions such as temperature and humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene concentration control, inhibit the respiration of fruit and vegetable, slow metabolism, reduce decay and disease and insect, reduce the loss of moisture, maximize maintain freshness and commercial fruit and vegetable products, extend the shelf life of storage period and sales. 3, low temperature air permeability test of plastic wrap sales of plastic wrap on the market at present there are three main types: PVDC, PE and PVC, PE is mainly used for fruits and vegetables such as fruit and vegetable packaging, PVC and PVDC) are mainly used for packaging cold deli. Depending on the permeability of plastic wrap, maximize the use of fruit and vegetable respiration consumption reduce O2 (low oxygen concentrations can't that for anaerobic respiration), CO2, restrain their respiration consumption, anti-aging, achieve the goal of keeping fresh. Application fields of plastic wrap and it is closely related to the barrier property parameters, choose the right plastic wrap and refrigerated storage is a common way for fruits and vegetables. Cling coil packing machine barrier property is suitable to control the cost of keeping fresh and to ensure the quality of preservation is very important. Fruits and vegetables has resistance to cold, there are also afraid of cold, but can be preserved at room temperature are in the minority, is a common storage temperature 0 ℃ ~ 5 ℃. Unless specified test condition, we usually get membrane permeability is in standard conditions (23 ℃) measured. Due to temperature changes will significantly influence the barrier property of the material testing, so the temperature detection of barrier property of plastic wrap and data does not represent it in the storage environment barrier property. Although some barrier property testing equipment in the use of the temperature can reach 0 ℃ or so, but how many will sample and equipment status are affected by low temperature, and test personnel cannot test in low temperature environment. So, how to grasp the cling coil packing machine in the low temperature storage environment barrier property data for the research field for fruits and vegetables is an urgent need to solve the difficulty. Now, barrier property to obtain low temperature data by Labthink LanGuang VAC - V1 differential pressure method of gas permeameter data fitting function easily. Data fitting is not a simple mathematical calculations, but the existing under the condition of normal temperature test by fitting method and the test data of the barrier property parameters of special temperature mathematical calculation. The advantage of this approach is that it does not need to test at low temperature, used for fitting the data of all can be in the general test conditions, and the fitting function is not selective for material. With lower temperature, barrier property of thin coil packing machine are generally on the rise, but the pace of growth is not the same, some fast growth, also some very smooth, so the barrier property of plastic wrap only normal temperature data to the overall evaluation of guiding significance for fruits and vegetables is very limited. 4, summarizes the cling coil packing machine is one of the commonly used methods for fruits and vegetables, and to use its combined with low temperature cold storage, barrier property of plastic wrap and so accurate for low temperature data for the studies of mechanism and effect are very important. To learn more about the details of packaging film permeability test and testing technology, can be directly contact the LanGuang 0531-85068566 consulting, Labthink LanGuang will cooperate enterprise joint research



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