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The Chinese rotate ring stretch wrapping machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

Domestic stretch wrapping machine manufacturers can slowly to speed up on the basis of stretch wrapping machine stability in order to achieve better stability. "Technical stability is the most important thing." Although the introduction of advanced imported stretch wrapping machine for China's printing industry has greatly promoted, the printing machine manufacturing industry in our country also has a spur. But national enterprise manufacturing level are also rapidly increasing, many printing should be picked for domestic stretch wrapping machine "tinted glasses" in the past, do not blindly pursue brand. Very good post-press stretch wrapping machine has made much of the country. 

At the same time, he stressed that stretch wrapping machine manufacturing if realizing standardization production, namely, digital production, is also a guarantee the stability of the printing enterprise production. Though seeming into market trend, the personalized demand still has a lot of industrial production in large quantities, however, for this part of the living, standardization of stretch wrapping machine because of its precise specifications, product quality more stable, still has a great advantage. Personalization is based on the standardization of higher level and requirements.

In addition, the domestic stretch wrapping machine manufacturers should be in production, more excellent management experience to learn international advanced manufacturers, pay attention to after-sales service.

Not only to put in the long run, the eye do the long term. From the perspective of sustainable development to balance the short term and long term development of the enterprise. As well as perfect after-sales service. "There is no stretch wrapping machine without fail in the world, but as long as there is something wrong with the can timely solve, will win the trust of customers." So for a long time, is to oneself of maintenance stretch wrapping machine brand.


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