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The Chinese stretch wrapping machine for pallet:


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The energy model concerns the realm of water pipe product packaging, in particular to some water pipe automatic wrapping gadget. The pipe automated pipe packaging line product includes a gaming console, a tube help, a poly-bag grip product, poly-case clamping part devices and cutting hot melting sealing devices, whereby the water pipe help, the poly-case traction gadget, the poly-handbag clamping piece gadgets and the reducing warm melting closing items are associated with the gaming console. The poly-bag traction device is organized on the upper entrance part of the tube support, the amount of the cutting very hot melting closing devices is two, and also the reducing warm melting sealing devices are symmetrically repaired at the two ends in the water pipe support. The tube auto packaging product further consists of a pipe tail end helping tube which can be organized at the back higher area of the water pipe help. The pipe tail end supporting water pipe is connected with the gaming system. The amount of the poly-case clamping piece products is two, and the poly-bag part clamping devices are symmetrically arranged at the front top portion and also the back again higher portion of the water pipe support and found involving the poly-handbag grip unit and the pipe tail end assisting pipe. The pipe automatic wrapping device is basic in convenient, easy and structure to operate, excellent in using effect, and capable of reaching automatic casing tube installing of a water pipe and tremendously boosting wrapping efficiency of the pipe. At present, the marketplace is normally employed tube packaging machine is mainly Covering Device, Wrapping Device working concept is to be covered about an object placed in the heart of the turntable, start off the engine rotates the turntable so as to travel the turntable rotates, so the periphery of the entire body to accomplish a Extend machine. The presence of low efficiency, winding process tend to have gaps and other shortcomings, the packaging materials generally have product information, manufacturer information, etc., which are not reflected Wrapping film, but also for pipe The two ports can not be packaged, can not play protective effect of the pipe, even though although the winding way to achieve automatic pipe packaging tubes.  

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