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The Chinese rotate ring stretch wrapper:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

Weak economy , the machinery industry significantly underperformed the broader market , ranked last in the industry , the valuation center of gravity . From the machinery industry sub-sectors focused on tracking financial data aggregation , the press August 31, 2012 closing price, the latest earnings 9.34 times rolling machinery , coal mining machinery 13.03 times and 16.39 times the railroad equipment is relatively concerned with the valuation advantage.
Each sub-sector machinery revenue and profit gap significantly. Revenue and net profit fell face minimal sub-sector coal mining machinery , printing and packaging machinery, environmental monitoring equipment , petrochemical and heavy oil drilling equipment is relatively better operating economy sector . Revenue and net profit fell face sub-sectors were the biggest machine tool , textile and garment equipment, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, metallurgy heavy and refrigeration equipment , is relatively poor economy operating segments .
Decline in demand brought about by poor mechanical condition of the main assets of the company listed on the trend continues . 2012 The biggest challenge machinery industry lies not in the quality of assets subject to inventory is too high, but weak demand, the difficulties caused by lack of funds back section .
The first half of 2012 , accounts receivable turnover rate has dropped more obvious, not only reflects the lack of government-led investment efforts , and illustrate the machinery industry adjustment phase after a long time , the situation is still deteriorating corporate assets .
Difficulty receiving significantly improve the industry: shipbuilding , machine tools, railway equipment , and rotate ring stretch wrapping machine.
Machinery industry boom contrast unlisted groups : oil and gas drilling first, second air separation . Statistical analysis of data from the industry association , the focus of the Group in the general machinery industry revenue decline in the background, the focus of the Group's unlisted main business income of a weighted average of nine sectors within the industry have reflected a more representative boom levels. Oil drilling equipment and ASU before the boom was significantly better than other rotate ring stretch wrapper, diesel engines, construction machinery and machine tools boom industry fell the most obvious. Oil drilling equipment industry demand has been recognized as a good investment community , and general petrochemical industry boom ASU mechanical focus group ranked second , while the market is not effectively reflect worth investors in the late attention.
2012 six months after underestimate the value of steady growth plate may Opportunities: Currently orbital stretch wrapping machinery, railway equipment , coal mining equipment in the machinery sub-sectors in the lower valuation , and construction machinery, railway equipment and coal chemical sectors decline in performance and share price correction has behaved more fully, as the primary starting point for the country 's stable economy , if a positive turning point in the second half of economic policies , the railway equipment and coal chemical equipment will clearly benefit , and thus drive the construction machinery stocks rebound.
Risk Warning . Pace of economic recovery at home and abroad , or not up to expectations ; major investment projects and progress is uncertain ; volatility of raw materials increased .


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