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The Chinese stretch wrapping machine for pallet:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

There is new operation safety device for stretch wrapping machine--Single code path is absolute encoders early 2000s appear raster linear displacement measurement products , compared with the traditional incremental encoder products , which can immediately get information on the current location in the system when power is first applied , without "zeroing " operation, thereby improving the processing efficiency of CNC machine tools to simplify the design difficulty CNC system. In addition, absolute encoders also has a high response speed , high reliability , high resolution , etc., and therefore widely used in high-end CNC machine absolute position encoders as closed-loop feedback components.

As of 2012 , China's stretch wrapping production reached 220,000 units, has become the world's first production machine producer. Absolute encoders are used as the core features closed loop CNC system , currently there is not yet self-developed products, all rely on imports. Therefore, the development of proprietary high-precision absolute encoders and industrialization , to fill the gaps , to break the foreign absolute monopoly grating technologies and products to improve the level of domestic manufacturing grating sensors , promote new products , to China socio-economic development and technological progress has a very important significance.


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