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Stretch wrapping machine CHINA:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

The rotary arm stretch wrapper is followed to pack merchandise about the pallet with expand motion picture instantly, that makes the goods secure, waterproof, tidier and dust confirmation. The extend wrapper is controlled within an automated mode while surgical procedures involve pallet promoting, motion picture serving ,covering, film cutting, video smoothing are concluded quickly.

Even though the pallet is situated about the conveyor, the covering operation is carried out by a rotating left arm keeping a movie roll in the extend wrapper. It guarantees a steady,easy and lightweight loading for all types of palletized merchandise by way of a multilayer stretch out wrapping with stretch movie. This rotary arm stretch wrapper may be connected with any present generation range plus it flawlessly satisfies production capacity requirements.

The spinning left arm technology helps to keep pallet loads set up although stretch out wrapper works. The arm can be simply tweaked to obtain a specific wrapping diagonal, giving flexibility without any extra charge.

A motor-driven power pre-expand method with adjustable film pressure manage guarantees the stretch wrapper users can optimal motion picture consumption. Film anxiety handle guarantees superior fill containment helping eliminate video product and breaks damage. The contact-monitor HMI can also be used for easy operation and loads versatility. The extend wrapper system includes manages which allow for modification to the number of wraps, pattern of place , film overlap, rate, speed, tension and etc. ?

The rotary left arm stretch wrapper can cover up to 35 pallets an hour. It can also pre-stretch out film around 260%,it?ˉs a great packing gear for modern industries.


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