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Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


pallet stretch wrapping machine was desinged for replaced manual unreachable wrapping effect, which raises the working efficiency and lessens workers work force by it's very easy operation. Its wrapping effect is tidy,strong tension force, dust proof, anti-moisture, etc.

Some great benefits of pallet stretch wrapping machine are as follows:

1.pallet stretch wrapping machine adopts automatic PLC computer control over Mitsubishi Japanese
2.pallet stretch wrapping machine can set wrapping layers and loops of wrapping material
3.Photoelectric detector can study the object wrapping height automatically
4.pallet stretch wrapping machine can instruct the working state and trouble content.
5.pallet stretch wrapping machine has got the objective of variable frequency speed, that may alter the overlap with the packing belt.
6.Access ramp may be matched for pallet stretch wrapping machine.

III.The classification of pallet stretch wrapping machine:

pallet stretch wrapping machine may be classified into 7 types: full automatic on-line pallet wrapping machine, coping type pallet wrapping machine, automatic resistance stretch film pallet wrapping machine, forklift groove type pallet wrapping machine, high table of rotary bearing type pallet wrapping machine, automatic pre-stretch film pallet wrapping machine, smart type pallet wrapping machine.

While the pallet depends on the conveyor, the wrapping operation is carried out by the rotating arm holding a movie roll from the stretch wrapper. It ensures a gradual, smooth small packing for all kinds of palletized products by the multilayer stretch wrapping with stretch film. This rotary arm stretch wrapper may be linked with any existing production line and yes it perfectly meets production capacity needs.

The rotating arm technology keeps pallet loads available while stretch wrapper works. The arm can be adjusted to attain some wrapping diagonal, offering versatility without any additional cost.

A motorized power pre-stretch system with adjustable film tension control guarantees the stretch wrapper users can optimal film usage. Film tension control ensures superior load containment and helps eliminate film breaks and product damage.


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