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Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

Recently, by the guidance of Chinese coal industry association, xiangtan city, hunan province business hall of the people's government, the letter committee of hunan province, jointly organized by economic cooperation office of hunan province, hunan administration of coal mine safety, have special support of 2013 hunan of hunan province machinery bank (xiangtan) advanced stretch wrapping machine and construction machinery exhibition, on November 21, 2013 in xiangtan yue pond by the open area in central engineering machinery logistics park grand opening. This exhibition will bring together more than 110 well-known domestic stretch wrapping machine and engineering machinery enterprises exhibitors, the exhibition area of 32 square meters, is divided into stretch wrapping machine, engineering machinery, spare parts, scientific and technological achievements and new product launch four display area. In addition will also invite specialists in the field of mining and metallurgy, national famous mining bureau, mining enterprises and relevant purchaser, about 2500 people attending, view procurement, this is xiangtan city for the first time ever to hold such a high standard of professional exhibition activities, the preparation is an advance, on-site installation work is in full swing.

The exhibition, head of the secretariat of the organizing committee said: time for two days, will show the domestic and foreign merchants xiangtan advanced stretch wrapping machine and engineering machinery industry cluster development advantages, attract more investors and purchasers to pool view, negotiation, procurement, cooperation, and create xiangtan stretch wrapping machine advanced technology and products influence, improve the competitiveness of industry development, promoting industry influence. Also for xiangtan stretch wrapping machine enterprises to organize a high efficiency group order. Combining hunan engineering machinery manufacturing province characteristic and xiangtan years of engineering machinery research and technology advantage, product advantage, to promote has included in the open economy of hunan development platform and trade logistics major projects - central mechanical construction of logistics park, accelerating lotus pond integrated logistics park to achieve grade billions of logistics park.

Xiangtan was first held mine equipment exhibition, is based on the hunan xiangtan advanced stretch wrapping machine industry is the advantage of equipment manufacturing industry, and xiangtan during the "twelfth five-year" key to create "billions of industry". After years of cultivate, at present, the xiangtan has formed in the country with high profile characteristics of industrial clusters. In 2011, xiangtan was included in the national first batch of innovative industrial cluster construction pilot (nurture). So far, xiangtan has advanced stretch wrapping machine manufacturing enterprises and supporting industrial chain of more than 160 enterprises, employees 40000 people, of the changzhutan area two-thirds of the total stretch wrapping machine enterprises, accounts for about half of the total number of stretch wrapping machine enterprises in hunan province; Complete the total output value 20.1 billion yuan last year, accounting for changsha-zhuzhou-xiangtan area stretch wrapping machine industry for more than 50% of GDP, taxes 800 million yuan. With hunan electric group, citic heavy industries such as 2 enterprises annual output value over 5 billion yuan, China metallurgical jing cheng, ping an electrical, chong DE science and technology, hunan electric heavy annual production 5-1.5 billion yuan 12 enterprises, enterprises above designated size accounted for 90% of the total number of enterprises in the cluster. The high and new technology enterprises in more than 60. After years of development, xiangtan advanced stretch wrapping machine manufacturing industry initially formed mine transport hoisting equipment, mine safety, environmental protection equipment, mine excavating equipment, mining electrical equipment relatively complete industrial system, has become the focus of xiangtan city development and changzhutan engineering machinery industry important constituent, and gradually developed as the core growth pole of hunan xiangtan city and economic development.

Has a group of leading enterprises and fist products. Xiangtan stretch wrapping machine industry has hunan electric group, citic heavy industries, is it peace, China metallurgical jing cheng electrical and so on more than 10 large companies with a significant industry influence, initially formed the radiating and driving, leading enterprises of small and medium-sized enterprises supporting the development of industrial clusters. Hunan electric heavy, citic heavy industry, China metallurgical jing cheng, shao force electric, traction locomotive, double horse electrical, in mine transportation and hoisting equipment such as HengXin electric occupies an important position in the domestic, among them, the hunan electric reshipment is China's earliest production mine transport vehicles and mine electrical equipment professional manufacturer and leading enterprises, is the only independent sets of production of large electric wheel dump truck, large mine locomotive manufacturers; Shao force electric, traction locomotive, double horse is the be influential domestic electric locomotive manufacturers, HengXin electric is one of the largest mining overhead by domestic devices (sitting-like-a monkey) manufacturers; Safe electrical, ling day science and technology leading enterprises in the aspect of mine safety and environmental protection equipment in the domestic leading level, including ping an electric domestic specifications for mine fan is the most complete, the most advanced technology and production volume of the largest manufacturers, ling day science and technology is the domestic advanced ground source heat pump system integration operation enterprise; Xiangtan electric, leading enterprises such as general electric, in terms of open-pit mine stretch wrapping machine of complete sets of electrical control in the domestic leading level; Jiang (electrical and mechanical is an important order national emergency rescue center emergency rescue vehicle unit; In mine mining, the drainage equipment, mainly for jiang electromechanical, foothill far pumps, pneumatic machinery company for bibcock, jiang (mechanical and electrical hydraulic excavator, well pump industry of slurry pump, pneumatic machinery drill and environmental protection equipment, has a high market reputation in the country.

At present, xiangtan stretch wrapping machine enterprises in various provinces and cities across the country have established a perfect marketing network, and expand to the international market, products are exported to Russia, Australia, India, Turkey and other countries, formed the "xiang", "rich", "peace", "to force", "shao force", "xiang", "hunan holding" and "HengXin" with independent intellectual property rights of well-known brands at home and abroad. Its leading products large mine electric wheel dump truck hydraulic lifting equipment, rail transportation equipment, mine, mine ventilation equipment in the domestic domestic equipment has high market share. Among them, transport equipment, aerial passenger transport equipment market share as high as 67% and 50% respectively, the ventilation and dust removal equipment market share of 35%, hydraulic, electrical, excavating equipment market share of 25%, 10% and 10% respectively.


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