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The Chinese stretch wrapping machine for pallet:


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OPE provide various industrial coil, pipe and tube handling equipment with automatic coil, pipe packing line. The coil, pipe
Handling equipment in numerous process for example tube bundling (pipe bundling), steel pipe, copper tube, metal tube strapping , tube packaging and stacking.
According to the Cleveland research group co., LTD. Recently, according to a report that global plastic processing machinery market will grow at an annual rate of 6.9%, the global market will reach $2017 in 37.1 billion.

Said in a recent study, a better marketing environment is coming, from fixed investment spending and the acceleration of plastic products production. Packaging will be the biggest market, plastic processing machinery in 2017 is expected to be more than a third of the total sales. The next largest terminal market will be the consumer products and construction fields.

Due to the injection molding equipment widely the application scope of the function of the diversity, it will continue to be maintained in the processing machinery is the most important position, by the year 2017 will make up two 5 of the machinery sales market. "3 d plastic printer will be the fastest growing plastic processing equipment, from the current market situation of a relatively small expand to other areas of the production. With the support of the rapid growth of the world construction market, extrusion machinery sales will usher in a period of fastest growth." Cleveland research group says.

Is by far the world's largest machinery market in China, in 2012 about 29% of the global market, and will continue to lead the global market demand. India is the world's fastest growing countries, occupying 12% of the world's market share in 2013. According to the regional markets around the world, in central and South America's fastest growing market, the second is the Africa and the Middle East. Predicts 2017, influenced by the development of the global transportation industry, Asia and the Pacific machinery maker can retain the advantages of fast delivery.

In the third quarter of 2013 years ago, China's trade deficit of $48.76 million at the inlet and outlet of the blow molding machine, plunged 72.2% compared to the same; Blow molding machine occupies the top 10 in the field of import 47.7% modified plastics. Blow molding machine is one of the largest category of the machines in the market business deficit.

Extruder is one of the market after injection molding machine in our country foreign trade import machinery. In the third quarter of 2013 years ago, China's total exports extruder, $9262 and $238 million, account for 48.2% in the top ten largest export destination.

From the subdivision of watching, 2013 years ago in the third quarter, China's cumulative entrance to Brazil, Thailand, modified plastics such as Turkey, Indonesia, the United States generally to the injection molding machine of difference, to between $4544 and $49.62 million; The five import origin to the total import 34.8% of the total amount of injection molding machine injection molding machine in our country exports account for the same period in our country; Since last year, China's injection molding machine import began to decline, fell as much as 18.1% overall, imports increase slightly, but the year-on-year growth.

In 2012 China's top three injection molding machine importer of Thailand, Indonesia and Brazil respectively. Growth of thin and since this year, Indonesia, Brazil, Thailand has plunged 36.8%, which means that the overseas injection molding machine market gradually develop powerful, in the future for the injection molding machine and modified plastics overseas investment needs to be more prudent.

In recent years, with the increase of the downstream demand for plastic products, plastic machinery in China domestic market overall demand is stable growth. According to the molding machine industry "twelfth five-year" development planning, the next five years, molding machine industry will grow more than 12% per year on average, the industry gross industrial output value and sales have reached 50 billion yuan of above. Because the current domestic market activity is lower than the international market, the situation would lead to more domestic enterprises go global, can be expected, the future for a period of time, exports will appear heat molding machine industry, domestic this competition will be conducted to the international market, at the appointed time, the international market will usher in fierce competition and rapid growth trend.