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Packaging is a new science school, most of the goods is inseparable from the packaging. The packaging need to physics, chemistry, biology, technology, aesthetics, psychology, papermaking technology, machinery manufacturing, electronics, economics, law and other aspects of scientific knowledge, so the packaging is a comprehensive discipline.
Industrial stretch wrapping machine is developed as the modern industrial production and a special industry. The packing of the products in the 19th century, mainly in order to achieve the purpose of protection products. To the early twentieth century, countries such as Britain, the United States to use packaging as a means of promoting the sale of goods, especially in the 30 s of this century, the world economic crisis at the time, the common use of modern stretch wrapping machinery, as a medium of advertisements, greatly promoted the marketing of goods. As the principle of the modern product packaging is: reliable protection, convenient circulation, convenient use, as a commodity packaging, and decorative appearance, so as to promote the commodity selling. The definition of the packaging
About the packing of definition, is a historic and periodic, rather than; As the same concept. Used to think that the packaging is to protect the quality of the goods and the number of tools, and then gives convenience of transport, storage. Packaging has its own system, and an increase in the content of the sales approach.
Industrial stretch wrapping machine, refers to the industrial production of a variety of products, to consumer, use between loading and unloading, transportation, storage, supply or sale of the entire circulation process, to protect the quality of the products and use value, take the appropriate materials and containers, and the technical measures of products by.
And generalized modern packaging, as is the art and science of the most advanced technology, the objects, energy or information with the most reasonable price, accurate scene times, appropriate protective materials, guarantee within a predetermined time, make the product by the transport, storage, handling, perfectly at scheduled spot inventory, and then transported to the place such as shops sell or use, to protect the product, easy to use and transport, storage, and help to pin a times the purpose of technical measures. The function of the second packaging has a variety of functions.
1. Protection products
Protection is the most important function of packaging. From leaving the manufacturer product sales outlets, tend to be after several months and long history, and to ensure that all products are in good condition to reach consumers' hands, usually packing to prevent mechanical damage, prevent loss of theft, prevent volatilization, moistureproof, prevent pollution and microbial activities, in some cases even prevent exposure, anti-oxidation and prevent heat and cools down.
The protective function of packaging to the product, until the finished products began to use or consumption before should be effective.
2. Provide a convenient
Packaging for storage, handling, transportation, retail and consumer provides convenient.
Products from factories to consumers after many times loading and unloading, and transportation, so the packing size, weight, shape must provide convenience. At the same time, also must be easy to identify, display is simple, the window effect is good, easy open sales package, extremely is all convenient in use and carry.


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