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The Chinese stretch wrapper for pallet:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

Summary: China's stretch wrapping machine products due to the small variety, low technical level, poor reliability, facing the fierce international competition. Especially in recent 5 years in our country, accelerate the development of deep processing of agricultural products, and build a conservation-minded society, the development of circular economy, and more
stretch wrapping machine products in China due to poor small variety, low technical level, product reliability, facing the fierce international competition. Especially in recent 5 years in our country, accelerate the development of deep processing of agricultural products, and build a conservation-minded society, development of circular economy and increase the intensity of technological innovation, caused a new round of technology import. As China has reached more than 320 for deep processing of agricultural products in recent years with a total investment of one hundred million yuan, processing and packaging equipment imports more than 80%.
As people living standard rise, increased demand for processed food, convenient and fast food, therefore, be convenient for food stretch wrapping machine, food processing machinery and so on demand. And China's food stretch wrapping machine, because of good quality low price, welcome.
It is understood that China food and stretch wrapping machine industry association is scheduled to continue to organize enterprises to India in 2005 exhibitors and develop the Indian market. The move will undoubtedly bring food packaging industry profits of the development of the village again. In addition to India, the united Arab emirates is very need to China's stretch wrapping machine and food machinery, here is a big market potential and good prospect.
Chinese products, especially medium and small stretch wrapping machine and food processing machinery, is fit for the market demand in the united Arab emirates and the Middle East. Investigate its reason, because of the stretch wrapping machine manufacturing industry has not really started in the united Arab emirates, and the market demand for stretch wrapping machine is growing. Second, the united Arab emirates industry foundation is weak, the national concept on mercantilist light industry. The market for packaging and food processing machinery in China to enter the united Arab emirates (uae) in terms of product sales and manufacturing, provides a rare opportunity and the huge potential market.
International food packaging association released 2014 food packaging safety hidden trouble, according to the product and the consumer warning including bisphenol A bottle was banned, the choose and buy need to be careful; Repeated use chopsticks no national standard; Food labels don't specification; Foam tableware no standards, the production of chaos is also difficult to regulation; Can design is unreasonable, drink have a problem... These problems need attention about the unit.
Association secretary general dong jinshi: the survey found that there are a lot of enterprise is not a standard, and some are standard, but mark do not match the actual content, more is to play the quality, quality is unqualified in quality qualified information, cheat consumer.
In the survey, dong jinshi especially told the reporter about food additives on the packaging of the marking.
Dong jinshi: additive standard to prohibit, nearly 3000 kinds of food additives, sort, now a lot of delicious food, nice, good smell, in fact, most is additive contribution, but the contribution is that consumers think that to spend money to buy good stuff, cream cakes on the market more than 90% are not animals, cause our blood pressure to rise, a series of chronic diseases, we found a lot of big companies are even identify errors.
For stretch wrapping machine demand is higher and higher
Daily production requirements of efficient production machinery with functions of automatic identification. On the one hand, can automatically identify the thickness of the packing material, hardness, resilience, etc., through the computer feedback to the manipulator movement range adjustment, ensure that won't bounce back. , on the other hand, all kinds of different products, such as a variety of shapes of chocolate or snacks and so on, into the same box, its arrangement is regular, production line transfer products is unordered, available probe and wiping determine different shaped material position, then feedback to the different robot, it can accurately put care the goods according to the exact location and direction of plate, fast and exact, exclude the vision of manual operation and the fatigue of the fingers.
Strengthening environmental protection consciousness
Reduce including noise and dust pollution, and waste reduction as far as possible, it is particularly important in the process of food processing. Food ingredients not only harvest main products during processing, such as corn processing, products in addition to corn starch, corn oil, salad oil, margarine, glucose, corn protein and feed to mansion wastewater treatment such as the production process, are all automatic. No waste, no pollution, the value of other products have been far more than the value of corn starch. Automatization and high efficiency visible, energy saving will be the pursuit of common food and stretch wrapping machine manufacturers.
A few years ago, accounts for only 30% of stretch wrapping machine design automation technology, now has more than 50%, extensive use of microcomputer design and electromechanical integration control to improve the packing machinery, automation its purpose; It is in order to improve the productivity, 2 it is in order to improve the flexible and flexibility of equipment, three is to increase the capacity of stretch wrapping machine to complete complex movements, namely the manipulator to complete the packaging process. Automation program has been applied in more advanced packaging systems, such as PLG equipment, the application of data collection system represents the advanced packaging system. In order to ensure a high level of productivity, automatic test system and efficient automation system is essential. The future industrial machine, intelligent control, image sensing technology and new materials in food and stretch wrapping machine will get more and more widely used, increasingly to food and stretch wrapping machine automation, high efficiency. Energy conservation direction.
Above all, increasingly fierce competition in international stretch wrapping machine industry, food stretch wrapping machine is moving in the direction of high speed, multi-functional and intelligent control development. In the face of severe situation, the stretch wrapping machine industry in our country must improve the technological content of products, the professional development road, rely on technological progress to promote the development of industry, in the face of the future development, automation is the inevitable developing trend of food packaging industry.




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