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The Chinese Horizontal wrapping machine and wrapper:


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Horizontal stretch wrapper profession is serious skills with one of the main son professional manufacturing, which is engaged in large, heavy and complete, serious skills into line with industry. Horizontal stretch wrapper to make "mothership", occupies an important position in the whole national economy. In recent years, with the development of the national economy, the "west-east gas", "China", "water" and so on serious engineering, steel, electric power, petrochemical, coal and other leading industries of national economy development and construction of foundation facilities of big planning, in the domestic demand for Horizontal stretch wrapper professional service ability and skill levels rising, although there will be a rugged, but demand market planning show that the continuously increasing trend of convergence, ChongJi professional sale income in China from 2007 to 2012 and increase rate of visit below.

In domestic market, from the global financial crisis in 2008 after the explosion, ChongJi profession either a large number of small and medium-sized companies, is still the traditional concept of "seven big center", all feeling is not the same than in the past. Followed by the root category of industrial capacity super full funded benefits of lowering (2012 is the most typical such as domestic steel profession is now in full career at a loss and small profit border section), makes the traditional ChongJi vocational service policy such as non-ferrous, building materials, electricity and other professional, especially in metallurgy with burgeoning demand serious atrophy, profession investment enthusiasm greatly reduced, and new technological upgrading projects synchronous cutting; And new emerging industrial applications such as in domestic is still in the development of time. These seem to be causing ChongJi vocational mall tepid, but about habits by fixed investment stimulating ChongJi career, slowly increasing situation seems to be the same hard. Profession inherent in the "do not have enough to eat" and "can't eat" question, still can't get much better.

In the international market, when facing the global economy to carry out the environment is very complex, as the new, new industrial and fossil power, intersection and to replace the traditional industrial attack on the eve of the international economy in the process of adjustment of dramatic change of habits, unbalanced, uncoordinated and can't wait any opposition is more and more prominent; A variety of new situations and new questions, new clashes in the international economy in the process of recovery is full of uncertainty. This uncertainty will certainly influence the formation of investment enthusiasm, reduced demand. SMS group in Germany, Siemens Mr Steel union, Italy agnelli group, Han Guodou mountain heavy industry, such as Japan's mitsubishi heavy industries, international famous juki company from the product line, skill levels, system integration can possess significant advantages, such as high-end category of the ultimate control the goods.