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The Chinese door packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


The characteristics of the aerospace industry product parts is high temperature resistant, high strength, hard machining, alloy material and composite material at the same time, more complicated structure, high technical requirements. It puts forward higher requirements on its processing equipment, in order to promote the development of aerospace enterprise, in recent years, with strength of machine manufacturers began to develop high-end CNC machine tools, to replace imported, made a contribution for the national enterprise.


Impeller machining field five axis vertical milling, milling machining center


Five axis vertical milling machining center and five axis vertical car milling compound machining center, used in the aerospace industry complex impeller type of work piece machining. The two machine tool by dalian GuangYang technology engineering co., LTD., with independent intellectual property rights developed, technical indicators reached international advanced level. In July this year and even German export.


China aerospace science and industry group is engaged in the spacecraft, high-end equipment manufacturing, such as more than a decade tried a variety of home-made numerical control machine tool, but as a result of the core parts such as grating length cannot be self-sufficient, even expensive outsourcing assembly, overall coordination and not meet production standards. Dalian GuangYang five axis nc machine tool is through independent research and development of whole industry chain, finally break the bottleneck.


Thin-walled cyclotron system built large nc powerful Horizontal stretch wrapper machine


Large nc powerful Horizontal stretch wrapper machine is large aerospace field the essential equipment of thin-wall revolving body metal structure manufacturing, have high precision CNC machine tools and heavy machine characteristics of high stiffness and heavy load. The large size of equipment parts, a total height of 18 m, the total weight of 500 t, complicated structure, after 10 years, the course of the development of the project by the China aerospace science and technology group co., LTD. Xi 'an aerospace power machinery factory, zhejiang university, wuhan heavy duty machine tools, such as citic heavy industries, jinan second machine tool are involved in the design development, in 2011 is listed as a high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment "science and technology major projects.


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