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The EPS board  Horizontal stretch wrapping machine:



 The horizontal stretch wrapper machine adjustments the world of Revised Ambiance, combining packaging speed with hermetic closing. A flow-wrap packaging machine which generates provides closed on a few edges from the roll of warmth-sealable packaging film, the Mistral is designed for great-velocity Road map packaging.. Capabilities Distinctive copyrighted Lengthy Dwell transverse closing method, for sale in the next types: 1-2-3-4 crimpers for each shaft (High Speed). Cantilever development: the electronic and mechanical elements are situated at the rear of the machine, with just the sealing products at the front. Thus, maintenance, hygiene and cleaning surgical procedures are facilitated. Built-in AISI 304 stainless steel, with the housing created with rounded sides in accordance with the strictest global hygienic requirements. Readily available versions: Basic technical version Digital version (2 axes) Servo model (3 axes), shade touch screen, on-line aid method. High Speed Extended Dwell variation with 2-3-4 crimpers for each shaft Variation with film roll mounted inside a high or low position Model for BDF packaging materials. Specialized Info: Ideal packaging resources: laminated, bonded or mini-perforated polypropylene, polyethylene, gas shield supplies. Packaging rate: up to 140, or higher to 400 packs/minutes . Package able product dimension: span minutes 100 mm maximum 350 millimeters; width min 10 optimum 320 millimeters; height optimum 110 mm (based on the closing program utilized). Automatic reloading systems: in line, drop and 90o down loading, along with many other systems designed according to specific requirements.


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