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Automatic coil/pipe/aluminum/profile packaging line:


 FHOPE Oriental manufacturer--now supplying by means of eye coil loading machine--Coil Learn to aid enhance your packaging process for steel coil, aluminum coil, copper coil....It is really an instantly run wrapping program that uses LLDPE stretch movie/document/HDPE... for the wrapping of coils. This amazing equipment, which packing coils through eyes wrapping, that is supplying a well protection for coil avoid moisture, surface and dust damage. Coil data and customer requirements are manually input as coils go into the product packaging equipment. This info can include relevant info including: ? OD of coils ? Identification of coils Thickness of coils ? Excess weight of coils ? Needed covering pace ? Required covering covering ? Consumer identification quantity Coil Learn can utilizes pre-set coil information to create processing judgments in automating wrapping and discussing the data with one more collection system. Coil Master utilizes a person-pleasant touch screen interface for entering, modifying and viewing coil information. The memory element from the procedure system has the capacity to document the loading move for following group loading of steel pipe and tube packaging g machine. It provides a way of system realignment, recovery and modification. The operation actions: 1. Loading the coil by crane on trolley 2. Instantly through eyesight covering 3. Securing the packaging materials 4. Unloading the loaded coil.


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