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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


Many year there are lot of factory using manually work for coil packing althought  the coil packing machine have been designed

more than 30 years. And there are many coil products making facotry still do not know about the coil packing machine.

There are more than 8 series of coil packing machine and 30 differently equipment which providing professional, fester, nice package for every coils. No matter steel coil. Wire coil, hose coil...So welcome to fhope--a professional supplier who is able to providing coil packing solution for your products.


Find your best way to free your worker in daut and slowly packing process. Saving your packing material cost, Saving your labor cost, saving your management cost... That is the thing our machine can do. And we are specialist in this field.


The steel coil packing machine is able to handle the heavy coil for loading and unloading, for 180 degree turning, paper wrapping, conveying, strapping, and pallet stacking.


The hose coil wrapping machine is able to handle the light and soft plasitc coil for film packing. It can be connect with coiling line for automatic pert coil packing.


The bearing packing machine is the uint equipment to providing the eye cross wrapping for bearing. It is able to provide sealed package for oiled bearing.


Copper packing machine is for copper packing by paper, film, bubble, non wolven...The automatic packing line is the popular choice for chinese manufacturer.


So finding your coil packing solution in FHOPE, our professional team is able to providing solution for you rnee.



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