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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


2013 the coil packing machinery "cold winter" is still far away from us. ChongJi enterprises feels the warmth of spring, market weakness, growth is a drop down again; Severe overcapacity, homogeneity of price competition; Monopoly industries customer other stove; Combined with a variety of taxes, all this, let already on thin ice, quivering ChongJi manufacturers are hard to go on.

The author in vestigating the focus in the past year is summarized the development of industry of keywords. Also hopes that this through the review and summary can help in the development of the New Year. Used orientation, also bring more expectations for 2014, share ChongJi glorious experienced by people with ChongJi enterprises over the past year, trough.

Keywords: industry into the trough

2013 vestigating the market continue slants cold, growth is down again and again, into the trough period of development. Now only a few enterprises basically met the year order, and there are still uneven, contract such as poor security hidden trouble, and most of the business.

In 2013 and the next two years, if the world and China's economy has not big difference, it could be China vestigating the long cold winter. By the end of October 2013, the company's sales, gross margin, net interest rate than the same period in 2012 to some extent. When receiving orders and budget also has a large gap, difficult to support the annual sales target; Upstream projects because of macroeconomic soft recovery, by reason of lack of money started slowly, in the contract can't take effect. At the same time, high accounts receivable, inventory, accounts payable pressure big, cash flow remains tense. Bank loans, interest burden is coil packing, the company to profitability in the short term is difficult.

Dalian coil packing industry, said the face of unprecedented challenges and pressure, can be said to be the company restructuring since the relocation of the most difficult one year.

Citic coil packing industry also thinks this year and the next two or three years, the economic situation has a great deal of uncertainty, coil packing coil packing machine enterprise survival space will be pushed further, should be prepared more hard and more durable.

A Chinese coil packing, said last year a coil packing main metallurgical coil packing machine, nuclear power coil packing machine, coil packing pressure vessel, large castings and forgings, forging coil packing machine, mining coil packing machine sales have fallen a certain.

Is too coil packing, the next two to three years and even longer, vestigating the situation and the problems are very complex, it is by market supply and demand as well as the choice of China's new industrialization road.

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"Twelfth five-year" is a crucial period of transformation and upgrading of the coil packing machine manufacturing industry in our country, at the same time is also an important strategic transformation period of coil packing machine manufacturing industry. Will face a bigger, more and more complex challenges, into a new stage of climbing a camp. For enterprises, facing the adjustment of the transformation and innovation are extremely hard to upgrade. At the same time, it still have to upgrade and entered the new stage of great opportunities.


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