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The Chinese coil packaging line:


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Throughout China's packaging market, Coil packaging line and coil packing machine industry maintained a very big development space, each enterprise continuously looking for gap, study the new technology, update the technology to make it into the traditional mechanical manufacturing technology, make soft power and hard power further accommodation, safeguard social development. Meet the requirement of the development concept of flexible production. Packing machines from a single, each yield rate increase is indeed, but more than once appear, change the packing method, mechanical show hysteresis, it cannot do the split-second, column matrix of the commissioning specifications and production scheduling, but in single is sure to change a template, not only consumes time, increase the wear and tear, also improves the manufacturing cost, unable to realize the personalized quality requirement.
From the enterprise's competition in the market, the upgrading of product cycles are getting shorter, it is flexible and flexibility of Coil packaging line and coil packing machine is put forward high request, the Coil packaging line and coil packing machine is far greater than the life of a product's life cycle. Because only in this way can meet the requirements of the product's production efficiency. This makes we start overall examine the connotation of the concept of flexible, namely the amount of flexibility, flexibility in construction and supply flexibility. And supply flexibility also involves to the movement of Coil packaging line and coil packing machine control system.
In particular, to make the Coil packaging line and coil packing machine has good flexibility and flexibility, and improve the degree of automation, you need to use microcomputer technology, function module, monitor multiple robots work at the same time, make the product change only the requirements of the transfer process can be.
, experts say, flexible production not only changed our production mode, make the product packaging is more flexible, more developed our development train of thought, make the Coil packaging line and coil packing machine market in several rounds of change, accelerated the innovation thinking better into commercialization, make Coil packaging line and coil packing machine potential better play out, reached a new level, for our country among the international become "create great power" has laid a solid foundation.



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