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The Chinese rotate ring stretch wrapper:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

In recent years , advances in technology led to the development of market economy , and our standard of living has also been improved , it is not only the result of the development of the times, the most important thing in our life science and technology continue to be utilized , so now packing machine market economy but also its packaging technology throughout the development of each enterprise .
Improve process automation
A few years ago using computer control design , mechanical design automation technology accounted for only 30% of the packaging , and now accounts for more than 50% , extensive use of microcomputer control design and mechatronics . Packaging machinery automation design has two main features:
First, each robot controlled by a separate computer , a packaging machinery for the completion of complex packaging operation must be completed by multiple robots. Upon completion of packing action , computer-controlled camera in the next intake of information and monitoring, robotic computer programs according to instructions complete the required action to ensure the quality of packaging by rotate ring stretch wrapper.
Second , with the right material and the thickness of the high-resolution capabilities. In the packaging process, the thickness and material changes in packaging materials is not easy to distinguish the human eye , so often used in the design of packaging machinery controlled by computer cameras and detectors to distinguish between changes in packaging material thickness and material. Camera has been developed to be able to self- examine and identify the picture taken and displayed on the screen. Currently , the machine is not in the processing speed of change ; future changes should be based on the material after the change was to identify the speed to control the state of the optimization work in the shortest time to complete the packaging process , and automatic cleaning, automatic and automatic disinfection clean. .

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