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The Chinese rotate ring stretch wrapper for pallet:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

At present, China 's packaging machinery industry is the lack of flexible production concept and integration of resources , each single continuous productivity improvement , but to deal with small orders , there is no wisdom when many changes , he can not short , array -style adjustment specifications and scheduling.
Take this die-molding processes , every one of the new breed you need to have dedicated workers who die - making the appropriate template based on graphics , size, must be replaced once for a single template , not only time-consuming , laborious, but also increased production costs , but after such a molding technique has been successfully applied in the sheet metal industry for many years , such as CNC punch , he simply enter graphics , size, and other parameters, you can set the appropriate production quantity , for a single easy to support array type single row , why existing mature technology applications in the packaging industry would not it ? Is a question of philosophy and attention , that the entire packaging industry is no concept of flexible production , ecological environment for small orders due to insufficient attention .
Just because we provide packaging machinery maker machine for high-volume , single varieties of packaging products prepared , they are not suitable for small -volume, multi-species variations , that is not enough intelligent, flexible .
Packaging machinery industry requires flexible production
Throughout China's packaging market , Rotate rign stretch wrapper industry has much room for development , companies continue to look for gaps , learning new skills , update technology to make it into the traditional mechanical manufacturing technology , making deep soft power and hard power facility , supporting the development of social protection .
Flexible production concept which reflects the requirements of the development . Packaging machinery from a single run , each of the production rate is indeed improving, but once there is more change in Rotate rign stretch wrapper would significantly slowed down , it can not be momentary , array -style debugging specifications and scheduling, and Always on time for a single Gaiyi template , not only time consuming , increasing the wear and tear , but also increases the manufacturing costs, can not be achieved personalized quality requirements.
Competition in the market from various companies , the replacement cycle of products is getting shorter , which the flexible packaging machinery and flexibility made ​​high demands , namely the life of Rotate rign stretch wrapper is much larger than the product life cycle . Because the only way to meet the production requirements of the economy . This brings us to the beginning of the concept of flexible meaning of the whole investigation , that the amount of flexibility , agility and flexibility of supply structure . The flexibility also involves the supply of packaging machinery motion control system.
Specifically , to make packaging machinery has good flexibility and agility , and increase the degree of automation , we need to adopt microcomputer technology , functional module technology , while monitoring multiple robots work to make the product requirements change program can only mobilize .


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