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The Internet of things, such as innovation and application of modern information technology in the field of logistics level rising, with barcode and rfid technology logistics enterprise ratio above 10%. In addition, represented by basic telecom operators of communications services enterprises made positive efforts in expanding production services and explore. Telecommunications service industry application types continue to increase, involving multiple domains such as video surveillance, traceability of agricultural products, development of the global eyes, police, NongQing scheduling and other service products. At present, has for more than hundred companies to provide the related information service products, help enterprises to improve the level of informatization, promote horizontal stretch wrapping machine enterprises improve service users, rapid response ability of market and strengthen internal management, cost savings. Integration quickening pace gradually yutong bus co., LTD., general manager of NiuBo so interpret their car networking operating system: "it became a network of intelligent mobile terminal, the vehicle by vehicle electronic equipment car and car, car and people, and the network connection between cities, smarter, safer driving. For transportation enterprises, vehicles connected to the Internet will bring great convenience, can grasp the operating status of the vehicle at any time, and save fuel consumption, improve the level of safety management." The car network is the Internet of things in a great demonstration application practice in the field of transportation. Represented by Internet, e-commerce and other producer services, is to speed up the integration with other industry development, open up a broader space. As cofco's professional B2C (business to individuals) food web site, I buy nets with Numbers to the speed of development: 2010 kinds of items at the beginning of the year from 2010 to now nearly 8000 kinds, at the beginning of average daily turnover has amounted to about 10 times, at the beginning of new registered users also has reached 10 times. "In 2009, cofco put forward the customer oriented, establish a 'whole industry chain' safety quality food pattern, and electronic commerce is a kind of supplement." Cofco net I bought online marketing manager ShangYan said. From urban to rural, from industry to agriculture, in recent years, the ministry for software and information technology services, industrial design services in key industries such as management as the breakthrough point, promote the development of producer services, promote its further integration with other industries. According to introducing, in the field of software and information technology services, ministry of industry standards and focus our policy planning, speed up the development of information technology services, the organization carries out the pilot work, public service system, improve the industry software industry 20 key support to the community public service platform construction; In the field of industrial design service, in July 2010, the ministry of industry and the ministry of education, ministry of science and technology and so on 11 departments jointly issued "on the opinions on some guidance to promote the development of industrial design, from the industrial design capacity for independent innovation, enhance the level of the industrial design industry development in six aspects, such as policy measures are put forward; In the field of logistics informatization and electronic commerce, ministry of industry and strive to promote large-scale manufacturing enterprises to raise the level of logistics information, improve the supply chain management and operation ability, etc. Continuously improve the policy environment in China's manufacturing industry under the background of transformation, development of producer services is to increase the industrial added value and important way to optimize the distribution of social resources, and realize the technological progress and efficiency improvement driven intensive important factors in the transformation of economic growth. There is no denying the fact that the current producer services development level is still low in our country. "Services in the current national economy industry classification is more dispersed, especially producer services category and classification has been set, in statistical is difficult to achieve." Zhu hongren, told reporters. In order to further improve the development of producer services environment, is the national development and reform commission jointly with the ministry of industry and other departments to formulate the "twelfth five-year" development plan for modern service industry. Mr. Liu, vice minister of the national development and reform commission (NDRC) said the plan to fully embody the "twelfth five-year" period is our country modern service industry accelerated the big development period of strategic opportunities of planning ideas, strive to intensify of producer services to promote, new patterns and growth point of cultivating modern service horizontal stretch wrapping machine industry. Zhu hongren also revealed that producer services will be a series of preferential policies in tax, finance, etc. Vigorously promote the development of producer services in the country at the same time, the country is also on the agenda. "Twelfth five-year" plan for Beijing and Shanghai are put forward, the productive service industry as a share of GDP in the next five years will further enhance, the transformation of Shanghai breakthrough pushing "embedded" producer services; Shanxi is explicitly put forward the construction of modern logistics center in the Midwest and the big province of producer services. Under the parties support, "twelfth five-year" period, the producer services will be more standard, loose development environment, will usher in huge opportunities for development, and will promote economic structural adjustment and industrial upgrading in China to make greater breakthrough.


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