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Market demand overall systematic design research planning design orientation to adapt to changes in the development of the market economic environment at home and abroad with the commodity market competition intensified requirements; Force product development and stretch wrapping machine  must be geared to the needs of the market, introducing macroscopic plan and system engineering to meet people of different types of hierarchy diversified consumer demand as the goal, win the market, for enterprise survival and development together with the designers.
In the early eighty s in stretch wrapping machine  standard to made the word "packaging" is defined as: to protect products in circulation, convenient storage and transportation, promote sales, according to certain technical methods and use of container, materials and AIDS the overall name, also refers to in order to achieve the above purpose and use containers (material and shop to help in the process of adding some technical methods such as operating activities.
Packaging is a kind of noun, things and things operation activities of the verbs. To adapt to the market and rising consumer demand, people constantly add new meaning to the packing, the so-called modern stretch wrapping machine , is convenient to protect the safety of commodity circulation and consumption, promote sales for the purpose, based on morphology and properties of a specific product and circulation intention, through the planning and design, to form the new concept of packaging, again with a combination of art and technology, using the appropriate materials, shape, structure, text, graphics, color and protection technology, integrated the process of creating an organic entity shape commodity packing image.
Modern stretch wrapping machine  to meet the market demand and human health and environmental protection requirements as a starting point, in order to satisfy people consumption of different kinds of level as the goal, embarks from the market development of goods and stretch wrapping machine  and production, flow into the circulation and consumption link back to the market, through the market sales and people's consumption inspection feedback, found that the problem with the new requirements, then carry on the improvement of products and stretch wrapping machine  and development.
Goods so as to form an important and indispensable part of the stretch wrapping machine , itself is a circle to promote the development of the systematic concept. Although some packaging need only focused on one aspect or local improvement design, but as the design concept of the right way, always should aim at market circulation and the consumer demand as the guidance, from the perspective of overall systematic set packing assorted thinking and design.


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