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Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


It was understood that the current foreign countries with higher demand of stretch wrapping and food packing machine. It is mainly include the United States, Germany, Japan, Italy and Britain, etc. The German stretch wrapping machinery in such aspects as design, manufacture and technical performance is in the lead. In recent years, these countries present a new trend of development of the stretch wrapping and food machinery and equipment.

stretch wrapping machinery industry status quo: three resistance needs to be broken

At present, China's stretch wrapping machinery enterprise technical level compared with the developed countries in the world, competitiveness, main show is: first, China's stretch wrapping machinery professional and technical personnel, the lack of professional research and development team. Product technology backwardness, blindly imitate does not solve the fundamental problem industry. Second, the low degree of automation, it is also the domestic equipment cannot be comparable to those of developed countries stretch wrapping equipment important key points. Finally, the enterprise and machinery are lack of international certification testing. As soon as possible if you can't do big and stronger, improve technical level and class, then the gap with developed countries will be widened further.

Established in accordance with internationally accepted industry standard is the top priority

In order to adapt to changing market and meet the demand of different manufacturers, stretch wrapping machinery manufacturing enterprises in growing Numbers are beginning to develop non-standard machinery, people-oriented is good, but if the formation of blind development, not well reflect the purpose of the user on the function, the device will cause downtime, impractical, even waste.

The establishment of industry standard is very important, therefore, our country existing standards and guide specifications of stretch wrapping machinery has been not adapt to the development of globalization, to a great extent, is the lack of advanced and applicable, and meet the requirements of the internationally accepted technical standards and specifications, we are now actively refer to eu standards and international standards, domestic technical standards formulated or revised, change the face of the backward technology standard in our country as soon as possible.

So large market demand and development opportunities, stretch wrapping machinery industry in China should change the mid-range products as soon as possible. The situation of lack of high-end products, accelerate to develop industry standards; Manufacturing enterprises need to increase automation equipment modification, and improving product technology content,  developing production and sales of large complete sets of production line.


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