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The EPS board  Horizontal stretch wrapping machine:



Horizontal stretch wrapping machine developing rapidly, has now become the second largest packaging superpower. horizontal stretch wrapping machine in accordance with the packaging form and can be divided into granular packing machine, powder packaging machine, liquid packing machine, etc. horizontal stretch wrapping machine is suitable for filling the liquidity, good powdery and granular materials horizontal stretch wrapping machine is suitable for the rubber granules, plastic particles, particle, feed particles, chemical fertilizer particle particle, building materials, food particles, metal particles, such as quantitative packaging particle materials, mainly used in pesticide, feed, additives, detergent powder, salt, MSG, sugar, seeds, rice, nuts, Chinese prickly ash powder materials such as particles quantitative weighing and packing.
The role of packaging in the current industrial production is more and more big, according to various shape, material, packaging equipment emerge in endlessly. horizontal stretch wrapping machine is for the powder and granular materials packaging materials, agricultural and the development of pharmaceutical industry, food industry for the development of particle packing machinery industry put forward higher request, the quantitative weighing become one of the most basic. Developing very rapidly in recent years, have gained great progress, such as weighing technology to ensure the accuracy and security of the packaging.
Weighing technology in the applications has a very wide range of packaging equipment, a lot of packaging equipment on the basis of automation intelligent weighing a new functions are added to, so as to realize mechanical weighing was carried out on the product itself to the weight of the accurate products. horizontal stretch wrapping machine is on the basis of the original technology, combined with the weighing technology, but unlike other packaging equipment, the weighing technology got the further innovation.
Required by weight of the particle packing machine for the product is strict, so the particles packaging machine on the weighing to be more precise, reduce the error. horizontal stretch wrapping machine is imported, according to the said was placed in mechanical conveyor belt, the first step is to weigh when product packaging, the product weight of each bag is consistent, advanced computer technology to the product of the weight of error to 0 ~ 1 kg, so small error is other packaging equipment weighing system can't do that, it is also a granular packaging machine for packaging products and to develop a new weighing technology.
horizontal stretch wrapping machine adopts programmable control system, can automatically complete measuring, filling, bag making, date printing and product delivery process, and can according to need to configure the different electronic weighing system, in the continuous improvement of technology, horizontal stretch wrapping machine is in constant upgrading the system.
horizontal stretch wrapping machine is adopted the photoelectric tracking system, this system is mainly in machinery for packaging of product through photoelectric reflection to determine the location of the products and packaging, every step of the confirmation will be displayed through the display screen, if what happened mechanical pneumatic alarm system to remind staff will be on their own problems in processing.
Weighing technology under the condition of the widely used by granular packing machine made a new innovation, make the mechanical weighing of product be more precise, guarantee the weight of each bag products are all the same, this is also part of our building a fair society.
At present, the domestic enterprise due to lack of enough attention and input of r&d and innovation, the domestic enterprise is still unable to produce a high degree of automation equipment, high-speed couldn't catch up with the progress of foreign manufacturers innovation. Packaging machinery industry in our country should foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, don't slam the door, on the basis of introduction and absorption, full attention to equipment research and development and innovation, with more perfect products, more thoughtful, more adequate facilities and more sophisticated manufacturing, to impress the domestic and international customers.


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