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The EPS board  Horizontal stretch wrapper  packing machine:


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After many years of market development, our country has use power from the horizontal orbital stretch wrapper, into the horizontal orbital stretch wrapper manufacturer, our next goal is to horizontal orbital stretch wrapper power transformation, in the past we domestic equipment stand-alone graphite in serious situation, so to some extent, also contain the whole of the development of horizontal orbital stretch wrapper industry.
Now we domestic equipment to develop and expand, be badly in need of form a complete set of technical support, make the situation of single change radically improve, the entire packaging production line of research and development has become a trend in the development of the packaging industry.
Heilongjiang "projects" weighing and packing line project through the acceptance
Heilongjiang province science and technology major new product project "of complete sets of production line based on the high speed and high precision weighing FFS packaging stacking" recently by the provincial department of acceptance.
The project shall be borne by the Harbin bo real automation co., LTD., breakthrough the fast material flexible bag making, filling, high temperature membrane fusion control, low friction and low temperature curing sealing anti-static and fault diagnosis based on artificial intelligence and other technology, 7 invention patents were obtained. Related product packaging speed stable up to 1608 bags an hour, 25 kg/bag, the weighing accuracy + / - 0.2%, reached the international advanced level.
In daily life, people come into contact with most of the products are single, although there are multiple products together, but relatively speaking, this situation does not see more, but for product manufacturers, often need to be transported into the sales areas, multiple products and this is where the orbital stretch wrapper to pack them. In fact, the original product packaging is conducive to product transportation, to transport distance is far, but some of the products and packaging will not be able to meet our requirements, then you need to use orbital stretch wrapper for products coupled with the first line of protection.



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