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Currently, global packing machinery market demand is rising rapidly, in the annual growth rate of 5.2%, is expected to reach $39.8 billion by 2012. The next few years, packaging equipment sales in developing countries will exceed Japan, the United States and other developed countries. In 2010, our country the demand for stretch wrapping machinery and equipment of about $3.3 billion. According to the forecast of China machinery industry federation, "twelfth five-year" period, the scale of Chinese stretch wrapping machinery industry is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan, the average growth of 16% a year.

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High-end technology

stretch wrapping machinery industry development in our country has huge potential, with the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the microelectronic, computer, industrial robots, image sensing technology and new materials will get more and more widely used in stretch wrapping machinery, various enterprises to study and the introduction of new technology, the high efficiency, high degree of automation, good reliability, high flexibility, high technical content of stretch wrapping equipment. Create a new stretch wrapping machinery, led stretch wrapping machinery to develop in the direction of integration, efficient, intelligent, etc.


The high efficiency of food processing, mainly is the electromechanical integration technology and light, electricity, liquid, etc. To realize the automatic control technology, the continuous production equipment instead of intermittent production equipment, the specialized production equipment instead of generalization of production equipment, by humanized production equipment instead of small and medium-sized production equipment. To realize continuous production line, specialized operation, automatic adjustment, scale management, etc., can significantly increase the production efficiency and economic benefits. At present, many large food machinery manufacturing enterprises or multinational companies, most of the development of highly automated production line, the scale of production of large-scale production equipment, with high efficiency production win the market competition ability.


Since the 21st century, compared with the traditional stretch wrapping machinery and equipment, new food packages installed requirement characteristics of simplicity, high productivity, form a complete set of more perfect, more automation, etc. Trends in industrial automation of stretch wrapping machinery will cooperate, helps to raise the overall level of stretch wrapping equipment. Such as high intelligent CNC system, encoder and digital control components. The new intelligent equipment such as power load control has been widely applied to the stretch wrapping machinery and equipment. It makes the equipment users in the process of easy operation that has more independence, flexibility and accuracy of operation, high efficiency and compatibility.


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