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The EPS board  Horizontal stretch wrapping machine:



Outline Trustworthy shrink performance! Cost effective Selling price , Speedy put in place Functions Japanese PLC system manage for dependable overall performance. Japanese “Yaskawa” Inverter & Germany “ Sick “ Photocell
Make sure the functioning dependable & effortlessly.
Japanese “ OMRON” Temperatures Control Make sure the sealing quality.
Superb Trim Centre Closing make sure the package stunning
Finish Sealer excess security operate create the running clean & reliable.
Double tension control device offer a easy & steady film offer.
Capability: 120 features/minutes ( rely on the item and Wrapping material )
Packing Design: Pillow Kind ( with Toned Center Securing And Welding Conclusion Securing )
Optimum. Film Breadth: 470 millimeters
Optimum. Product Dimensions: Size = 400 mm Thickness = 200 mm Elevation = 100 millimeters
The Joy's drenched baby wipes packaging system consist of Container Movements Stop Closing Flow horizontal Wrapper, will allow the conclusion-closing Jaws to travel using the film. Prolonged dwell time supplies substantial-reliability seals for weighty laminate and gauge film structures, and mounted with Tension Manage driven curler & Grooving Roller, Best Brush Buckle, Servo motor travel and 5.7” Feel Board with 15 sets of Info memory space, Additionally, This model equiped with additional Servo travel Die Reduce machine, special created blow labeling machine, Particular date Coder, Energy generate pushing belt, Liquefied Vehicle filling machine and also the top quality Stop seal gusset adornment. can be a high end Moist baby wipes Wrapping system. Outline
Filled with:
1) Cloth finalizing system.
2) Packing system.
Natural Material ? Foldable ? Reducing? Dipping ? Folding? Moving ? Giving? Packaging ? Checking? Separating
Capacity: 170 ~ 230 packs/min -- for atmosphere placed pieces of paper
Products: Rolled Wet Document Soft towel
Packing Style : Pillow Kind
Unprocessed Material : 140-300 mm large -- Air flow placed document ( 50 ~ 130 sgm )
Energy necessary: 4 Kw at one cycle-220 Voltage- 50/60 Hz
Internet Bodyweight: Approx. 1700 Kg



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