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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

From a leading enterprises to be a company difficult to sustain the normal operation is story of JP. The enterprises is with a long history of tens of thousands of workers in the future the way how to go, more is worth thinking about. Future needs of the enterprise is an enterprising, responsible leader to save the current situation.

In September 2013, four terms of mechanical coil packing machine technical seminars and industry association four times the council was held in ningxia.

The committee secretary general Gong Jianping said at the meeting, and now our coil packing machine companies have changed, a welcome development speed. Before the garage project 1626, increased 22.9% year-on-year. At the same time, President of Ming yan hua said, as the industry's development and mature gradually, in the face of good market prospects, we will from the quality control.

In order to standardize the market more, coil packing machine committee recommended standard documents compiled the mechanical coil packing machine industry, hopes to develop industry standards to make the competition more healthy development of the enterprise.

In urban development, the environment need to improve. coil packing machine industry for more than 30% growth development, in a decline in profits of mechanical industry, boom. At the same time, with the increase of coil packing machine market demand, the technology has been improved. By the high incidence of failure models to a more stable product technology. At this time, China's coil packing machine companies have started taking shape, and emerge JiXing iron tower and so on one batch of technologies and strength of the listed companies.

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hose coil machinery in 2013, several listed companies operating income and net profit growth rate is slow. To the end of October, the industry profits fell by nearly 50%.

According to several 2013 half annual report of listed companies, the heavens and the earth science and technology (600582), zheng coal (002526) (601717), shandong hose coil machine operating income, net profit year-on-year growth appeared to reduce.

Last year's coal mechanical didn't keep the high-growth development situation in 2012, slowed his steps. But it did not affect the situation of coal machinery enterprises continue to profit, at the same time, in the high-end market and complete sets of equipment has new profit point.

Industry experts expect the future hose coil machinery will toward the following direction: hose coil machinery adopts the design principle of low energy consumption and reduce weight, material used in production of low environmental pollution, as far as possible do not use freon, chlorinated rubber, and harmful material such as asbestos, parts easy to collapse, crushing easy, can burn or can be used as fuel.

The main reason for reducing the number of profit is affected by the coal market is sluggish, selling prices, the boom of other coal hose coil industry decline, affect the company collection. China's coal machinery industry association, zhang yong said recently, low level repeated construction, coal big but not strong, the key equipment still rely on imports. Coil packing machine equipment in our country are facing severe challenges, transform and upgrade to localization.


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