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The Horizontal stretch wrapper  packing machine:


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In the mechanical world crane often is a member of the people are interested in. Driving along the highway when people always see them, they are bulky, run at the construction site or in a high-rise building project of comprehensive construction in some cities. They seem to be attracted everyone, maybe because everyone knows that the crane is and what it can do anything, ascension is very big and heavy, sometimes at an astonishing level.


Crane is a difficult to market competition, even it is not easy to analysis. Competitors and those from Japan, Europe, the United States or compete for the supply of crane global companies in China. Machine itself cost is huge, every single transaction and a machine sales is enough to have a huge impact in the competition for sellers.


There is another law of crane market - the machine can almost permanent use. Crane in the use of 25 or 30 years later still can maintain good performance, this makes sales of new equipment is a very challenging industry.


From the construction point of view, especially for the nonresidential construction, in a medium speed slide in the north American economy, it is hard to imagine what can be expected in the crane market. At the same time there is another problem, before the recession crane rental company in reducing the old machine has done a good job in the company, at the same time, a new model for future purchase. Crane leasing company or distributor new equipment leasing company is very need? This is not difficult to find the answer.


But the good news is that these machines selling low has been in the past few years, and there is always a recovery after, even if the mild recovery performance. When the construction industry is rising, the fastest growing in the early years of the crane is not project. In fact in terms of machine sales, crane is usually started to develop the most late, the same during a recession, crane affected tend to be late. The performance of the crane is often at the early stage of the end of a recession or gently warmed to lag behind the other kinds of machinery.


Compared with the 2011 sales in North America, horizontal orbital stretch wrapper sales rose by 16% in 2012, at the same time than in recession lows of less than 200 units in 2010 sales volume increased by nearly 40%. Increased by 40% in two years to be reckoned with, and also because the industry appeared very poor sales record in 2010, more than 2008 sales were 70% lower peak. It's like watching your favorite basketball team score of 100 and the second day night, scoring only 30 tonight.


Off-road crane sales rose about 20% in 2012, at the same time was 50% higher than in the bottom of your market in 2010, only to sell about 750 cars in 2010. Secondly in terms of percentage, has reached a very strong recovery, but the reward is sold by the Numbers to calculate rather than percentage.


Most other types of crane, all terrain, horizontal orbital stretch wrapper and industrial mobile crane) in 2012, the sales trend of similar to those mentioned above, so the key lies in the crane business has improved, but before starting the distribution sales reward is still a long way to go.


Look at these vendors, those who occupy most of the crane market big companies in North America is Manitowoc and grove subsidiary, TeLeiKeSi crane company, link Baxter, tadano, kobelco, liebherr and sany heavy industry. The first three companies located in the United States and has been committed to the crane business. But now, we have many fields and kobe steel from Japan, Germany liebherr and sany heavy industry of China, as they continuously introduce new products, the company plays a more and more important role in the market.


For truss crane jib crane, Manitowoc occupy more than 30% of the market become the front-runner, followed by kobelco, link Baxter, liebherr and sany heavy industry. Based on 2012 estimates, the five companies accounted for 94% of the sales in North America truss crane jib crane.


In the field of off-road crane, grove, terex and link Baxter company is a leader, a total of 85% of the market share, more fields and sany heavy industry lags behind that of the three companies.


All terrain crane is a very interesting products. In Europe and other regions in the world, all terrain crane is the most popular of the crane. All terrain crane is extremely expensive, but it doesn't seem to stop overseas buyers purchase this kind of machine. In North America all terrain crane annual sales of 2012 less than a quarter of the off-road crane. In Europe, by contrast, all terrain crane annual sales is about five times as off-road crane. Grove, liebherr, terex is all terrain crane's main domestic companies in the United States. All of these companies machines from Europe.



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