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The Horizontal stretch wrapper  packing machine:


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 Many steel enterprises attaches great importance to the "technology". The despise "aided process" is widespread, especially the packaging technology of steel plate is still at the stage experience. Although domestic leading iron and steel enterprises to establish the basic specification product packaging,  still lack of intensive and operational platform for the public as well as the theoretical basis of the evaluation system. Given the current packaging of potential problems and to the enterprise production, management, sales, produced the important influence. The mainly studies the cold-rolled products packaging industry urgently needs to solve technical problems and system platform development, the basis of the study is helpful to improve the efficiency of the cold rolled product packaging technology and packaging management. This topic main research contents and results are as follows:

(1) based on the existing cold-rolled steel sheet plate package and horizontal orbital packing element composition and characteristics of the analysis, find the key element, the function of the relationship between seeking wearing parts, lay the foundation for system development.

(2) in steel enterprise standard on the basis of the existing international and, with national standard information classification method and the principle as the theoretical basis, combined with the feature of packaging materials, cold rolled steel sheet overall packing method can be divided into antirust packing, packaging, and unit load, three parts and each part of the code design, establish a convenient computer management structure for the letter - the letter - digital - digital packaging recommended code system as a whole.

(3) analyzed the lifting of the wooden pallet is easy to be damaged during bearing force, combined with the static bending strength design, it is concluded that the different horizontal wooden cases ridge maximum bending strength formula, and is considering lifting the beginning and the end of the lifting dynamic load effect on the structure of the wooden pallet, established corresponding to the steel plate specifications and load wooden pallet structural parameters of the code system as a whole.

(4) with cold-rolled steel sheet package code system, wooden pallet and tic-tac-toe frame structure parameters of the system as the foundation. It has developed an overall packing query function cold-rolled steel sheet and the wooden pallet and tic-tac-toe frame structure design features of cold rolled sheet BoGang transport packaging based management system as a whole. The system can provide enterprises with standardization, systematization of cold-rolled sheet BoGang overall mode of management, improve the work efficiency of the enterprise.


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