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The EPS board  Horizontal stretch wrapping machine:



• Small Roll Wrapper Machine continues to be specifically created for packing products like Retread Rubber, Pieces of paper rolls, foils, film rolls and many others. manufactured such as tiny Rolls/ Reels. • It is really an axial wrapping machine. The machine when set up to run will implement levels of 'Pre-stretched' Film all over the confront diametrically and wrap them across the longitudinal axis. The longitudinally applied wraps are moved down the periphery with standard overlap since the Small Roll/ Reel is rotating continuously, resulting in a cocoon type of final packing. Read more... Software programs • Suited to Foil Moves, Accommodating plans, coils, Spools and cables • Pneumatically run holder supply for accommodating range of reel diameters together with reel widths • Totally intelligent spiral of operation • Operated pre-stretch model helps ensure stronger packing, even though taking in really low quantity of film • Kitchen counter exhibits use of film and percentage of stretch applied for every roll • An easy task to perform dinner table top rated product • Number of film components may be used • Ends in uniform and totally moisture content-dust and proof-verification packing Picture of rubberized, stretch covered Silicone Twisted Stretch Wrapped Retread Silicone Rolls Stretch Wrapping Retread Rubberized SPECIFICATIONS Capability Rolls/Hr 30-75 nos. Optimum. Weight/ Roll 100 kgs Variety of Roll Size 600 mm Collection of Roll Size 100-300 mm Machine Turn desk Size 700 mm Height (earlier mentioned GL)750 mm Quickness 20 rpm Greatest stretch 300Per cent Installed power 1.1 kW Power supply 220V, solo phase, 50Hz Film Facts Material LLDPE - Stretch Film Film breadth 250 to 500 millimeters Film thickness 12-35 µ (23µ advised) Primary size 76 millimeters Optimum film diameter 250 mm Air flow Supply6 bar Continue reading on Penguin Little Roll Wrapper Retread Rubber, Paper, Foils and Film and many others., in Reel type, should not be easily covered with shielding wrappers physically because of their form, excess weight & pain. Penguin Small Roll Wrapper is suitable for the above solutions. The machine purposes 220V, 1-period, .75 kW power source. By the use of a pneumatically operated holder, this machine can quickly stretch wrap "Reels" of various sizes in width & diameter, weighing even up to 100 Kgs., resulting in a cocoon type axial wrapping. Once we preset, electronic drives and microprocessor based cycle programmer cum monitor ensure uniform consumption of film for all the reels. For the economical consumption of the stretch film, the inbuilt powered pre-stretch unit stretches the LLDPE stretchable cling film upto 300% before wrapping over the reel. The Countertop in the Control Panel allows the Stretch Percent & the amount of film consumed for every single reel. This approach of packing utilizing Stretch Film provides the reel, outstanding defense against airborne dirt and dust And moisture content and helps ensure for a longer time storage life. Furthermore, it will keep the packing expense really low, compared to packing them with Craft Paper / Hessain cloth etc. Also the Industries like Paper Mills, Film Manufacturers, etc., can install this machine and save enormously in their packing costs, labour costs, time taken for packing, etc, though not only the Retread Rubber Manufacturers. Because of these proven advantages, this machine will pay back its cost very soon.



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