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The EPS board  Horizontal stretch wrapping machine:



 Very qualified personnel - Strong understanding of Cama equipment array due to regular instruction on all Cama machines and applications in numerous market sectors (e.g.confectionery and bakery, ice cubes lotions, dairy and so forth.); - Qualified and established “hands on” expertise, continually enhanced with constant education; - A group of certified Commissioning Engineers handles coordinating and following all venture stages, through the first mechanical assembly of your equipment to its closing commissioning at customers’ web site, as a result making sure a common and sole operational and technical program; Preventative routine maintenance We provide personalized "preventive upkeep bundles", with regards to distinct demands in our clients. On-site services In line with Cama’s partnership spirit, this site offers frequent education to our own agents’ practical personnel, in an attempt to guarantee a speedy and efficient “on site” practical service to our buyers . Teleservice By means of a “teleservice” connection, our highly competent electronic engineers are capable of addressing and solving various software and hardware problems and issues. Spares Spares may be easily and promptly sourced and recognized, as a result of specific spares lists and handbooks, reflecting machines “as built” as well as to our inner advanced System Integration Managing.



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