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The Horizontal stretch wrapper  packing machine:


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With the changing market, as an important distribution platform, Horizontal stretch wrapper machinery mold flow Horizontal stretch wrapper machinery mold professional market, under growing pressure of competition. Informatization, shang dynasty, financial innovation, logistics modernization... Technical innovation and improvement of consumer demand, puts forward a new challenge to the professional market, Horizontal stretch wrapper machinery mold professional market should be how to face? International mold association secretary general luo hui think, only Horizontal stretch wrapper market connotation and constantly enrich and innovation model, through the differentiation to improve technology and services, to keep yourself in an impregnable position in the fierce competition.


The future market will be the brand build-up time, proposes a dual market and brand requirements. Hard as a professional market, not only the Horizontal stretch wrapper, but also committed to upgrading the service functions, from commonness to personalized, use market influence depth of brand promotion, encourage more brand to enter the market, to market as a whole impetus to promote the development of a single brand, realize the common prosperity of the brand and market. The reporter sees in Jin Ming international machinery mold city, branding, professional positioning, let it become the domestic first-class Horizontal stretch wrapper machinery mold enterprise's first choice, here has household more than 400. International famous brand makino, Japan is one of the earliest enterprises in Jin Ming international machinery mold city merchants. "Jin Ming international brand slogan put forward by the mechanical trade sector is for brand building, provide the market with high, specialized, precision machine tools, to meet customer high demand".


The industry's first mobile e-commerce application platform - gold machine for Horizontal stretch wrapper machinery mold enterprises and vendors to build the network trade platform. "Gold machine is equipped with the Chinese/English bilingual, client phone support, we have professional foreign trade personnel, specially for Horizontal stretch wrapper machinery mold enterprise to carry out foreign trade business", Jin Ming Wang Hongtang international marketing director, told reporters. Took a fancy to Jin Ming enterprises choose in this, it is the international brand, internationalization of market positioning. "In approach foreign orders, for example, Jin Ming international approach some orders abroad, gold machine passed to our dealers, has added to our business. In addition to the domestic market, also help us to expand overseas markets, make us feel more confident." Located enterprises set f metal merchants said.


Wang Hongtang Jin Ming international marketing director said: "we set up the brand of mechanical trade sector, opened a gold machine, set up a foreign trade company, through the gold machine to carry out international trade, guide the customers from domestic trade into foreign trade, reflected the brand concept, internationalization marketing headquarters." At present, Jin Ming international machinery mold city is actively declare bonded logistics center, to create set procurement, logistics, financing, bonded, import and export agents in the integration of Horizontal stretch wrapper machinery industry supply chain service platform, realize the combination of logistics and circulation.


Help enterprises to develop international marketing, active participation in international trade, has become the inevitable requirement of Horizontal stretch wrapper machinery mold industry development and the professional market development inevitably choice.



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