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The Chinese stretch wrapping machine for pallet:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

There is new Proximity sensors for stretch wrapping machine-

News came from China Aerodynamics Research and Development Center , AVIC Kaitian proximity sensors developed after 3 weeks after a total of 25 hours and more than 500 low-temperature , low-pressure , high humidity cycling test environment , the sensors of the test data meet the test requirements of the outline , the frozen test a success. It is an great products for stretch wrapping machine.
The successful trial , setting the domestic aviation products for the first time through the frozen test record. It not only further enhance the AVIC Kaitian sensor core technology research capability , but also to fill the blank test the frozen for aviation safety tests to make a positive contribution to our stretch wrapping machine .

Proximity sensors detect the position as aircraft control systems and retractable core product , the control system provides the most original location information , so that the stretch wrapping machine can be more secure, more accurately retractable landing gear or close the door . The proximity sensor through the trial was based on AVIC Kaitian OEMs required , in accordance with international airworthiness requirements , the completion of China's first test of the frozen product , more effectively verify the AVIC Kaitian proximity sensor technology maturity and high reliability.

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