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The Chinese rotate ring stretch wrapper for pallet:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

Core Tip : At present, China is in a critical period of the peak of the industrial upgrading equipment and industrial upgrading , the demand for stretch wrapping machine , especially high-end stretch wrapping machine , will remain above 30 % of the high level of growth , this growth rate is expected to will remain for 35 years.
At present , China is in the peak period and key industrial upgrading of industrial equipment replacement demand for stretch wrapping machine , especially high-end stretch wrapping machine , will remain above 30 % of the high level of growth , the growth rate is expected that this will remain 35 years.
With the advancement of technology , the world of stretch wrapping machine have also realized that the support position for the entire industry , in order to cope with the international financial crisis , they have adjusted pallet stretch wrapper industry policy , striving to develop high-end stretch wrapping machine, in order to promote the development of industry and the national economy .
Insiders said that the development of China's machine tool industry needs to market demand -oriented. It led the development of stretch wrapping machine , the host as a leader , supporting sound basis , strive for the early realization of pallet stretch wrapper products from low-end to high-end, from the processing of primary products to high fine tip manufacturing changes.
High-end stretch wrapping machine and basic manufacturing equipment to achieve specific significantly improve the capability of independent innovation , to master a large number of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights , the overall technical level of access to the international advanced level ; then, the host control system, features " mid- scale, upscale industry " will be realized , China will develop a number of international advanced level of key equipment ; import a large quantity of high-speed , precision vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes and other products, market share will be significantly improved.
Machine tool industry hope that the future can bring more equipment and the latest cutting-edge technology to meet the industry 's growing demand for efficient processing . Demonstration effect of the machine by leading enterprises CIIF platform also fully demonstrated. It will bring the whole stretch wrapping machine and metalworking industry has made more rapid development and progress.

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