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The Chinese bearing packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:

Now ten thousand tons of press, seven heavy factory has been completed. Technical transformation,  it need to be so much in China? This is the homogeneity! So the market the invisible hand sometimes does need to be tamed, now what? Seems to be no one! In the pattern of a chess game in the whole country in the past, the eight ChongJi each have professional focus, but after decades of market baptism, many ability is highly overlap, key major equipment redundant coil packing machine is serious, it is not only a serious waste of resources, and lead to the root of the product homogeneity.

Chinese coil packing machine industry association deputy secretary-general, excavating machinery branch of shu Ju, said "the whole section tunnel boring machine production qualification review method" is compiled, the next step will be released.

He said that the main purpose is to improve the shield coil packing machine machine market competition environment, create a necessary barriers to entry, improve enterprise quality and competition ability, develop world-class shield coil packing machine machine enterprises with real power.

Recently, there are more than 10 cities hair change department approved the coil packing machine of local urban transport project coil packing machine application.

And according to the estimate of the industry, has approved to build rail transit has 36 cities, by 2020, urban mass transit mileage will reach nearly 6000 km, in the field of rail transit investment will reach 4 trillion yuan.

Shield machine products, generally are not standard products, each product according to the specific requirements of the project coil packing machine and geological conditions of different separate design and manufacturing. Shield machine is, as it were, engineering machinery "crown jewel", to some extent, it represents a national manufacturing level. "Our country is manufacturing power, should do better" in this field.

The large castings and forgings standardization technical committee (hereinafter referred to as "the committee") the committee meeting three times and 20 industry standard conventions held in chengdu in 2013. "The committee" member units and relevant scientific research, production, the user units of 63 delegates at the meeting.

The meeting report for the 2012 main job and 2013 work plan, through the discussion about adjustment "standard council committee report", has carried on the review to 18 industry standards, and through the review conclusion.

Meeting for forging steel ultrasonic testing and other 20 industry standard has carried on the review, and agreed that all 20 standard through the review. The standard of review, there are 6 items by double responsible for drafting, participate in drafting has four, accounting for 50% of the examination standard (" standard council secretariat is located in the "double, institute of large castings and forgings, bear the large castings and forgings have been the standard system revision to manage work).

In recent years, the internationalization of domestic market and the entry of foreign manufacturers in China, a lot of large castings and forgings industry and foreign cooperation, technology transfer and cooperation in industry manufacture, quoting the foreign standard of related companies, such as SMS, MHI standard, etc. The standards will accelerate the development of large castings and forgings in line with the international level and standard. At the same time, developing products suitable for our country's situation.


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