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Stretch wrapping machine CHINA:


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Ways to use shrink wrapping packaging machine:

Appropriate for big quantity shrink wrapping industries for example software, foods, cosmetics, printing, pharmacy, flooring, ceramics, beverge and beer etc.

Performance Qualities for shrink wrapping packaging machine:

1.The device switches into imported touching screen, which all configurations and operation can be achieved. Meanwhile, various product data could be saved ahead of time, and operator simply to choose parameters in the computer while usage.

2.Based on different collocations for that machine and various items, the max packing speed can be 80pcs/min.

3.Constant temperature warmth sealing and cutting product is appropriate for PE. POF etc, industrial standard shrink films, the seal is firm and nice, especially relevant for POF film, adjust the conveyor using the mind wheel for packing items of various size. The reliability is greater and simpler to function it .

4.The leading enter systems speed can be adjusted, combines a worktable in the finish from the tunnel, makes whole machine highly automatic, it runs instantly with no operator comes true.

5.BM-500L Hi-speed heat circulating shrink tunnel switches into curler type conveyor, the paint rollers are handled by silicone gel pipe, they roll instantly, even the conveyor may use Teflon mesh belt or S.S. mesh belt rather than paint rollers. When shrink PE film, do not need to the paint rollers roll, simple to convert it through the handle in the finish from the tunnel.

6.The temperature within the tunnel is even, appropriate for shrink PE.PVC.POF films.

7.The interior container forms heat circulation inside tunnel, the level of heat could be controlled through the air doorways based on the packing needs for various items.


Equipment Features

Specifically created for the total auto wrapping production type ofbeer and beverage, 100 % pure drinking water, fruit juice, dairy products, and so forth.

2. With
full auto functions of package arrange and transferring, membrane preparing ,closing and decreasing, diminishing ,cooling down and shaping, etc.

Utilizing innovative continuous temperatures membrane heating binding technologies on the planet with clear and safe close.

If under high speed production condition, the quick seal cooling structure guarantees that the seal has a higher strength even.

Followed with PLC intelligent plan circulation management with stable and reliable efficiency.

The initial shipped in guideline pub cylinder assures correct and durable operation.

7. The inductive
change handles the membrane layer exchange method to reliably change and manage membrane layer transferring span with less reduction.

All the shift product is handled by consistency transforming units with stable and smooth exchange pace.

Unique thermal passing with centrifugal thermal air circulation program which includes the same heating distribution with wonderful and secure shrinkage result.

10. 3
layers of warmth insulation treatment method with good insulating process that has the same warmth distribution with gorgeous and protect shrinkage impact.

11. The
enhanced air conditioning shaping passage can quickly change the wrapping membrane into great strength position that is easily stored and transported


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