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The Chinese Aluminum packing line:


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Spiral Binding Equipment Spiral binding models are simple to compact, use, affordable and perfect for any spiral publication binding undertaking. By using a spiral binding spiral and machine coil binding machine supplies, Bind documents or business proposals. Spiral coil binding models are designed for office, business or use at your home. We provide you with a wide array of spiral binding machines and spiral binding machine items. Ideal binding is possible with a plastic material spiral coil binding machine. Offering the most popular 4: 1 punching style with oval pockets for easier coil insertion, the PC360 punches 25 linens of paper and inserts coil approximately 2" (50 millimeters) in size with a built-in, footswitch stimulated inserter. Book binding machines helps make hair comb binding, coil binding, and cable binding easy. A guide binding machine along with book binding machine supplies make each and every binding project distinctive. A small guide binding machine is affordable and perfect for hardcover publication binding. Book binding models are designed for great-volume level office, organization or personal use, and they are developed to make a best binding from cover to protect. This site offers a wide range of book binding machines and book binding machine products. Electronic binding machines and heavy responsibility electrical binding devices provide an electrical punch to guarantee production, efficiency and quality speed. Manual binding machines have a manual punch; while electric binding machines have an electric punch. That is the difference between manual vs electric binding machines. An electric binding machine can deliver excellent quality in a constrained length of time. Electronic binding machine price ranges usually vary from a number of 100 to many thousand bucks. Electrical binding models, like electrical cable binding equipment, electric powered guide binding equipment, electronic coil binding equipment and electric hair comb binding devices can be used as moderate to huge volume binding tasks.

The new materials based on aluminum packing line, completely abandoned the traditional aluminum packing machine and plasticized transport mechanism based on shear and friction , instead of using the transport mechanism of action based on the normal stress . The aluminum packing line consists of several sets of blades made ​​of plastics extrusion units in series , each of the plurality of blades have plastics extrusion similar to the structural unit of the hydraulic system pump, the pump, and the eccentric rotor blade components.

Work material from the cavity into the big end of the eccentric , then push the blade into the cavity and squeeze into the small end of the next unit , the material during a full role in the normal stress is grinding, compacting , exhaust and plasticized . The amount of the material during transport is determined by the amount of change in the volume of the pump chamber , the transport efficiency is substantially not affect the rheological properties of the material . Therefore, little effect on the amount of the extrusion die by the pressure in the extrusion process , the extrusion hardware characteristics . The material in the extruder and the residence time is more uniform , reducing the difference in the thermal history of the material .


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