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The Chinese Horizontal orbital wrapping machine and wrapper:


1, events,

On December 28 main Horizontal stretch wrapping machine manufacturers Horizontal stretch wrapping machine sales total of 8590 units, 7% month-on-month and 21% year-on-year, the cumulative 3% year-on-year. Among them, 1062 sets of sany heavy industry, 2% month-on-month and 58% year-on-year, a cumulative 0% year-on-year; Liugong 520 units, 62% month-on-month and 37% year-on-year, the cumulative - 8% compared to the same; Mansion 180 units, 9% month-on-month and 8% year-on-year, the cumulative - 26% compared to the same; Zoomlion, 54 15% month-on-month and 78% year-on-year, the cumulative 60% year-on-year.

2, we analysis and judgment

(1) industry in December year-on-year 21%, edged down 3% year-on-year in 2013

Horizontal stretch wrapping machine industry sales growth of 21% year-on-year in December since may continue to positive growth, but in 2013, the year is still negative growth of 3%. Sany year-on-year growth in five consecutive months of positive growth, cumulative growth is flat. Liugong, mansion in December year-on-year growth from negative to positive.

(2) in 2013, domestic brand market share fell from 2012

In December, homebred brand market share of 44%, rising from the previous month to two points, the overall situation for the whole year has declined in 2012. Korea, Europe and America brand down 2 points compared with last month and 1 point, the market share of 11% and 11%; Japanese brand is 26%, flat. Sany heavy industry city in December accounted for 12%, a dot, liugong 6% drop, picks up two points, mansion, zoomlion accounted for 2%, 1% respectively, and were flat last month.

(3) the regional demand is relatively stable, exports - 45%.

From the market demand structure analysis, little dig, dig, dig in December accounted for 45%, 44% and 12% respectively, smooth change, from the regional sales analysis, eastern city account for 30% of the rate in December, 27% in central and western 35%, down a point, compared with last month fell mainly caused by the increase of export accounted. Exports in December 674, accounted for 8%, up three points, to 16%, compared to the same rose 57%.

3, investment advice

Engineering machinery enterprises quarterly income growth has bottomed rebound slightly, but the industry's recovery is still weak, mid downstream investment slows, industry is still can't see the more obvious upward trend, to continue to wait for clearing capacity, corporate earnings recovery remains to be seen, orbital wrapping  machinery industry in 2014 views from negative to neutral.