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Thomas Hardy Packaging and Brewing have already been one of the main commitment packers of beers, ciders, soft drinks and FABs for a long time, giving producing, blending and contract stuffing for several top household manufacturers that exist around the racks of the major retailers and pub stores.

The Kendal
plant at present packs all around 150 SPM, filling more than 40 various package sizes. With need from customers for continue to further packaging flexibility, your decision was created to up grade the final of collection solution to offer both current and upcoming buyers new supplementary packing choices.

The  Director of commented. Many
of our own buyers were asking us for first time product packaging solutions therefore we have been modernizing the moist conclusion in the line right here at Kendal for quite a while. The first Door shrink wrapper provided by Aetna United kingdom got stuffed 50 plus million instances for people like us along with been a brilliant device but was now ready for an upgrade.

project was done in 2 pieces. The initial was to supply a answer for changing the previous reduce in size tunnel but, pursuing consumer requests, we required so as to provide you with the additional use of authorized or printed film for containers or patches. The 2nd stage would be to substitute the holder erector and wraparound packer inside the pre-existing file format of the series, which included linking inside a direct give from my pre-existing Mead Clusterpak device.?±

Revenue Director at Aetna British mentioned: We experienced a long connection to Thomas Hardy since the firm was set up by Peter Ward. We certainly have equipment in all of their sites as a result once we had been handled with this project we were obviously hopeful we will be productive in continuing this extended connection.?±

carried on, As Thomas Hardy are Co-Packers, the demand for high-speed changeovers and flexibility is vital for their profitability and success. As soon as the previous containers of merely one item are bundled out and palletised at the conclusion of the line, the vegetation aims to alter over their different packers and labellers in preparedness in the next item emerging away from the filler. The enhanced systems in the Prasmatic TC 500 and Dimac Greenstar F we installed have certainly facilitated changeovers and assist the Thomas Hardy team lessen downtime.

Peter Armstrong
included ?°Another issue for us in the course of generating the choice to decrease the Aetna route once more was remarkable ability to provide a unit that can cater to package sizes as small as 6 x 275ml containers whilst continue to being capable of handling 45 features a minute, as well as the new Prasmatic TC 500 managed to provide this ability. General this has been a wonderful set up for all of us and even though we have a fantastic technical group on this page that happen to be pretty personal sufficient, it is always good to learn the Aetna Great britain post sales and repair group are there for all of us should they be required


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