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The Chinese Horizontal orbital wrapping machine and wrapper:


Press industry continue to slump

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper is social production scale in the direction of highly automated after upgrading, the industry put forward the new concept. "4.0" industry, put forward by the German government proposed by GE "industrial Internet" and now "lian industrial" all belong to the category of Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper. Achieve the goal of Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper, need a series of hardware and software technical support, here will focus on China in the process of Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper, equipment industry development process.

To realize Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper, first of all to build a complete system of intelligent equipment. Intelligent equipment manufacturing, in fact, as the basic industry of the national economic development and national defense construction, is the important guarantee of industry industrial upgrading, technological progress, is the concentrated reflection of national comprehensive strength and technology level.

Development of high-end equipment manufacturing to improve China's manufacturing industry core competitiveness and upgrading the industrial structure optimization has important strategic significance. Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper equipment is the fusion of modern sensor technology, network technology, automation technology, anthropomorphic intelligent technology, etc, on the basis of advanced technology, through perception, human-computer interaction, intelligent decision-making and implementation technology, to implement the intelligent of the design process, manufacturing process, and will effectively improve Marine engineering, high-speed and large aircraft, satellites, and other high-end equipment industry and other manufacturing industries of the national economy level of research and development and manufacturing.

High-end equipment manufacturing industry is the national 12th five-year plan put forward the strategic emerging industries, one of seven areas of Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper equipment is one of the important direction of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and will focus on promoting high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, automation of complete sets of production line, the intelligent control system, precise and intelligent instrument and test equipment, key spare parts, components and generic components, the development of intelligent special equipment, production process automation, intelligent, motors, greening, industry overall technical level.

Future upgrade the manufacturing industry, to speed up cultivating strategic emerging industries is clearly an important task in the national 12th five-year plan. Implemented by mainly depend on the size of traditional industrialization road to growth mainly rely on technological progress and sustainable development of a new road to industrialization, adjusting and optimizing technical structure, organization structure, the layout structure and industry structure. It becomes the core of the transformation of the mode of industrial development.