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The Chinese Horizontal orbital wrapping machine and wrapper:


City's major economic development strategy and development area, has always been the focus of economic life. Planning and construction of weihe industrial zone, is a new municipal party committee, municipal government vision to make a big decision. For more than a year, xi 'an, in accordance with the dislocation development, supporting the thinking of development, joint development, integrating force of quickening construction of industrial area of weihe river in the city. And our eyes are never left the new economic growth point.

By the end of November 2013, xi 'an industrial area into the area of weihe river enterprises reached 1204, among them, the enterprises above designated size 167. First 11 months of 2013, industrial area of weihe river industrial gross output value of 92.28 billion yuan, up 25.4% from a year earlier. Industrial investment in fixed assets 27.523 billion yuan, up 63.5% from a year earlier... Both the entire park, and the enterprises in the area, the construction of their new dynamic, beautiful "report card", are often on the layout of the economic life. We also focused on the region and related industry development's happiness and sorrow, with the reader observation of navigation industry, high-end manufacturing, pv industry development.

Today's industrial area of weihe river, the construction and development has become a new highlight of xi "an industrial economy development, and strive to grow into a new economic growth point in xi 'an growth pole, become a world influential global advanced manufacturing base. In accordance with the relevant plans, xi 'an area will resolve into enterprise financing problems, such as setting up industrial area of weihe river industry investment fund, by city at the corresponding level to raise 600 million yuan as the mother funds, child fund supported by three female fund attract social capital group, or a specific institutions set up a fund, the total size of not less than 4.5 billion yuan.

2014, differentiated positioning, chain, park bearing, clustering development trend has become, pays special attention to catic industrial park and other key park development, relying on the merchants such as high-end manufacturing industrial park industry investment promotion platform, accelerate to form industry gathered themselves together. Gaoling equipment industrial group car, general equipment, new materials industry will flourish, become a support international metropolis industrial new city of modern industrial system; Yan Liang aviation industry group has not only the whole machine manufacturing, engine, spare parts processing, subcontract production, such as manufacturing industry, will also be accomplished in shipping industry; Lintong modern industrial group will rely on the wei river landscape zone, presents the ecological living, modern services and other new type of integrated service system as the leading... Industrial area of weihe river in the three groups will be concentric force and revitalized.