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The Chinese door packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


After six months of spinning process test, the parts spinning various performance pointer conform to user requirements, the thrust roller and spinning parts size were the largest in Asia, China in the large thin-wall revolving body developed in the field of metal structure manufacturing technology level has reached a new height.


Aerospace ground equipment linkage of two large tonnage Horizontal stretch wrapper machine


China aerospace science and technology group co., LTD. Eight yuan SONY factory developed large tonnage of 3200 tons (16 m) dual machine linkage CNC sheet metal bending machine, the machine will be used in the production of aerospace ground equipment.


Large Door packing machine machine is more than 16 mm thick steel plate bending shape of key equipment, the oil pipe production, the structure of the large steel pipe production and military special vehicles manufacturing has been widely used. At present, the domestic only a few big companies have large Door packing machine machine production capacity. The plant development and production of linkage of two large tonnage Horizontal stretch wrapper machine, using the current popular nc operation system and realized the full touch-screen operation in both Chinese and English menu and 3 d graphics programming; At the same time, the bending machine is configured with a dedicated hydraulic control system, grating ruler, the multi-axis control after, interference degree of compensation device, etc., effectively guarantee the precision of bending. It is understood that the double linkage CNC sheet metal bending machine bending machine parallelism can be controlled within 2 mm, 90 - degree bend Angle error within 20 points.


Space is equipped with high-end localization of the system


Manufacturing is the national key fields of aeronautics and astronautics, high-grade CNC system has been heavily used abroad. At present, the huazhong nc cooperation with dalian machine tool group, the development of high-grade CNC machine tool is space technology research institute, Shanghai successfully used in the batch processing of space satellite parts, realizes the breakthrough of domestic high-grade CNC system in space.


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