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The Coil packing machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


Side seal edge trimming device optional device is for clearing up of side sealing. It is good choice for bags.
Four-Side-Seal Horizontal stretch Wrapper (M Plate) - Four Side Seal TYPE.
PackagingSide seal edge trimming device optional for clear up of side sealing burrs.
Film feeding format option
M plate device: Single film divides into two separated film through the wrapping process, allowed two sides to have printing design.
Upper and Lower reels: Twin films could use with different film material (single-sided eye mark tracing only)
Optional for peelable chevron pouch packaging.
Facial mask, herb plaster, wet tissue.
There is Servo driving system: End sealing unit, film transportation, feeding chain and film tension are driven by servo motors independently is durable, high productivity and low noise
User-friendly human / machine PMI control  for operation with colorful monitor.
60 pcs (bag length, temperature, speed, feeding position, film tension and cuttig position)
Self-diagnosis and checking function, error message is able shown automatic on screen for easy troubleshooting.
Overload sensing function is available  for each servo motor which prevents the parts and protecting product from being damaged in advance.

Date coder.

Special stainless steel for all machine frame.
Side seal edge firm and trimming device.

Four-side-seal Horizontal stretch Wrapper

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